I’m Back At The Bao and My Mouth Still Says Wow!

Hey everyone and happy Monday. It was a very long week last week and my homegirl and I were in need of a girls night so we met up at The Bao for dinner and drinks. I have blogged about The Bao before and you can see everything that we ate the last time by just clicking here. The food at The Bao is always delicious and here is everything that we ordered.

Up first, is drinks and appetizers. We both got the Cherry Blossom ($12) and it was so good! The little flower added the perfect touch and if you like fruity drinks just like me, then you’ll definitely enjoy the Cherry Blossom.

For appetizers, we ordered the Crispy Gyoza ($6.99) and the Popcorn Chicken ($9.99) and had it tossed in a mix of their Yuzu and Mala sauce. Let me tell ya’ll something about these appetizers…

Now I love gyoza’s in general but to have them crispy is just a whole different type of vibe. They definitely get a 10 out of 10 on the smacktastic scale and the dipping sauce that it comes with is also really delicious.

Popcorn chicken is hella tasty in general but them tossing it this Yuzu and Mala sauce?! The flavor was absolutely insane! If you’re dining at The Bao, then I would highly recommend that you try out these appetizers.

For our entrée’s, I ordered the Crispy Shrimp Bao and she ordered the Mala Hot Chicken Bowl. Both of our meals were really good and super filling. We were so stuffed by the time we left that a nap was needed immediately after. lol

If you haven’t been to The Bao yet then you should really ask yourself why that is. 🤔 The food and the hospitality(shoutout to our bartender Jessie) at The Bao are always amazing and that is why I keep coming back. Thanks for tuning in and until next time loves…


Erica Leigh

The Bao

14 N. Central Ave – Clayton, MO 63105


Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday : 5PM-10PM

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