A Staple In The STL Food Scene; Welcome To Steve’s Hot Dogs πŸŒ­

Hey everyone! I hope all is well and happy holidays! I’m back with another food post and this time, my friend James and I went to try out Steve’s Hot Dogs. So if you have never heard of Steve Hot Dogs, here is a little background info. Steve Ewing used to be in a band and to satisfy the hunger of the late night crowd, he opened up his first hot dog stand in 2008. It was so successful that in 2011, he opened up his first brick-and-mortar location on The Hill. His community based business has been booming ever since and the best part of this is that Steve’s Hot Dogs is also Black-owned.

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To be quite honest, I never liked hot dogs growing up. I actually found them disgusting. I grew up eating on baked beans and hot dogs for some meals (if you know…then you know lol) and I have had a strong dislike for hot dogs ever since. I was apprehensive to try Steve’s Hot Dogs at first but I kept hearing how awesome the food was so I just had to go see for myself.

I’m so glad that I did try Steve’s Hot Dogs because ya’ll…the food was SO good! Like I literally went two days in a row and I’m not ashamed of it. πŸ˜‚πŸ’…πŸΎ After eating here, I can totally see why Steve’s Hot Dogs was featured in People Magazine and on the Food Network. Now, let’s get into this food shall we?

I ordered the Bacon Bacon Jamaican hot dog meal. The meal comes with chips and a drink and the hot dog is topped with sliced crisp bacon, pepper jack cheese, jerk seasoning, bell peppers and sweet chipotle sauce. Ya’ll…. πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ½

James ordered the Macho Nacho hot dog meal. His hot dog is topped with chili cheese sauce, tomato, sour cream, jalapeΓ±os, and crushed Doritos. He said it was really good and I can tell that it was because there was not a crumb left once he was done eating. πŸ˜‚

The food and the hospitality here are great. Steve was there when we went and he and his staff were super cool and very accommodating. I also appreciated them taking all the necessary safety precautions due to Covid-19. If you don’t see any hot dog combinations that you want to try, Steve’s Hot Dogs also sells hamburgers, and a variety of bowls. The dogs at Steve’s Hot Dogs are all -beef Nathan’s Famous that have been smoked and grilled but they also do offer veggie burgers and dogs as well. The hot dog buns here are also vegetarian.

Thank you again Steve’s Hot Dogs for everything and I will definitely be back again to try some more hot dog combinations and the other items on your menu. If you’re wanting to give this place a a try, Steve’s Hot Dogs is located 3457 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis MO 63118 but they also do offer delivery.

If you do end up going, please let me know what you think of Steve’s Hot Dogs! I’d love to hear your feedback. Alright ya’ll, I got to go now and get me something to eat because all of this food talk has made me hungry. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

Until next time loves… XO

Erica Leigh

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