St. Louis’ Own Fresh Seafood Spot; This Is The Mad Crab

Being that seafood is one of my favorite types of food to eat, you can see why I had to try out The Mad Crab. I kept hearing great things about this restaurant and so for dinner, my friend Greg took me to go check it out.

The Mad Crab is located in University City, MO and the food here is so bomb! Everything here is super fresh, seasoned to perfection and it was absolutely delicious. Check out how our experience at The Mad Crab went below.



Are you hungry yet? Lol If you’re a big seafood lover like me then I would definitely recommend The Mad Crab. I promise that you won’t be disappointed and that your stomach will be super full. I give this place two claws up!  You get it? haha!


Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh


The Mad Crab is located at 8080 Olive Blvd, St.Louis MO 63130

Hours of Operations: 

Mon-Fri: 3pm-10pm

Sat-Sun: 12pm-10pm

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