A Taste of New Orleans Right In The Heart of St.Louis… Welcome to Evangeline’s


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Hey Hey! Welcome back to yet another segment of What Erica Leigh Eats! My sisters and I decided to have some sibling Sunday Funday this past weekend and you already know good food and drinks had to be included. We ended up going to this restaurant named Evangeline’s in the Central West End here in St. Louis, MO.  Evangeline’s is a bistro and music house whose dishes cater to a “new” New Orleans signature style cuisine.  Even though none were playing when we went, Evangeline’s also offers live Jazz music on certain days and times. It has a very chill/laid back type atmosphere and it is a little tight in there yet enough room for seating to make the dining experience feel more intimate.


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Now let’s get down to the good stuff shall we? So for an appetizer, my older sister and I both ordered the blue crab cakes and they were so good! Light, fluffy, flavorful and with just the right amount of crunch and they were also a pretty nice size. It also comes with a side of fire-roasted jalapeno aioli that is really tasty and great for dipping.  My other sister ordered the Broiled Crab Parmesan for her appetizer and she wasn’t the biggest fan of it being that it was too oily for her taste.  They also ordered drinks while we waited for our food. The Blueberry Basil Mojito and Champagne Le Fleur were their drinks of choice.


Boiled Crab Parmesan



Blue Crab Cakes and the Blueberry Basil Mojito



 And now for the main dishes! Ok so my oldest sister, she ordered the Lobster Ravioli with French sauce. It’s made with sweet red pepper pasta, Thai basil, lemon, Cognac, butter, cream, caper, green onions and Creole tomato. She liked it but would’ve preferred it in a different type of sauce. Overall, she thought it was tasty.



 Alright, so sister #2 decided on ordering their Seared Scallops with Champagne Risotto. The scallops are made with superfino arborio, champagne, shallots, and parmesan white truffle oil.  Now I tried one of her scallops, and I wasn’t a fan at all. They didn’t necessarily taste bad, I just can’t get jiggy with the texture of scallops or mussels. Yuck! She seemed to enjoy them though.


 Now I took the longest to order because there were so many tasty options to choose from but I finally landed on the Championship Gumbo. As soon as our waitress placed my food in front of me, I instantly was like


       I mean…do you SEE this blessing the good Lord has bestowed upon me?

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The gumbo is filled with jumbo Gulf shrimp, Louisiana crawfish tails, grilled Andouille smoked sausage,chicken breast, classic blonde roux and it’s served with Jasmine rice and French bread. When I tell you there wasn’t a drop left after I got done eating? That’s how good it was and this size is only a half order but they do offer it in a full order as well. This dish is super flavorful, delicious, filling and I would definitely order it again. I wanted to order dessert but I was too full to take another bite so I’ll save that for next time.

We really enjoyed ourselves at Evangeline’s being that it was our first time there and I definitely will be back for their happy hour and the swinging jazz brunch on Sunday’s. If you are really hungry and want to try something new, I would definitely recommend you giving Evangeline’s a try. If you also want to see what other people ordered while dining here, go to Instagram and search for the restaurant and i’ll warn you now.. your mouth might start to water. lol

Alright, that’s it for today guys. If you have any other restaurants you would like to recommend for me to try out, leave a comment below and I’ll see you all later for our next food adventure.


        Erica Leigh



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