What Erica Leigh Eats! This Is Highway 61 Roadhouse


Hello loves! I hope all is well and welcome back to another As Told By Erica Leigh post. Today is an awesome day because we are going to be talking about my two favorite things in life; food and eating food. My inner foodie spirit and I wanted to share with you some of the blessings that my stomach has obtained lately. If you didn’t and I are best friends. Like I’m always hungry and just thinking about food and the amazingness (yes I know I just made that word up) it brings to my mouth palette brings me pure joy. Eating at the same restaurants each time I go out to eat is so 5 minutes ago, so at least once a month I go and try something different and then share my experience from that particular establishment. I’ll try anything (well..almost anything) at least once because I like all types of different dishes & unique flavor combinations. From breakfast to dinner, Italian to Caribbean, if it’s tasty; I’m eating it.

So not too long ago, my big sister and I decided to have a girls night but we couldn’t figure out what to eat or where to go but we for sure knew that we didn’t want to go somewhere common like a 54th St or O’Charleys. So after throwing some ideas out to one another she was like we should try Hwy 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen in Webster Groves. I’ve never heard of it nor been there but once I found out it was Cajun-Creole seafood and BBQ restaurant I was all in. When you first walk in you instantly get the New Orleans Mardi Gras vibe. From the colors, to huge beads that drape from the ceiling and the walls even have hand painted murals on the walls from local St.Louis legends like Tina Turner and Chuck Berry.


Now that you kind of get a feel of the vibe in there..let’s get down to the good stuff. My sister Erynn has been there before so she already knew what she wanted but being it was my first time there, I had to look over the menu once or twice…even three times because everything looked so good that I couldn’t decide. So what do you do while you make a decision? Order appetizers and drinks of course! We ordered their Cajasian pot stickers (which are super BOMB btw and are made with andouille sausage, vegetables and sambal chili sauce. ) and my drink was called Voo-Doo Punch.


So I decided to order the seafood platter which comes with four Louisiana BBQ shrimp, one crab cake & a portion of their bayou seafood pasta and then it also comes with two sides so I got their famous red beans and rice and mac and cheese. Yall…when this food came to our table I instantly was like


So much food was in front of me and all I could do was smile and rejoice to the heavens for this creation. Like no lie..this was one of THE best meals I have ever had and I was so full and I even had leftovers for lunch the next day. EVERYTHING was so delicious!


If you haven’t been to Hwy 61 Roadhouse to eat before I definitely  suggest you go because you won’t be disappointed. The service was awesome, super chill and vibrant atmosphere, great food and at great prices. Also, they even have live bands that perform on certain nights. If you’re hungry and don’t want to keep eating the same thing , then this is the place for you. Did I mention this place was also visited by Guy Fieri? Yup! The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host recommends this place and even has his own DDD Sampler on the menu. Guy only goes to the best food places out there so if his stamp of approval is on this restaurant, you already know that you’re in good hands.


Well folks, that’s all for this food adventure today but I will bring more great places for you to try in the future so stay tuned! Got any awesome food places you think I should try? Comment below so I can check them out too.

Until next time loves….


Erica Leigh


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