A Black Owned Brunch Spot That You Just Have To Try; Welcome To Turn

Image is from Turn’s website

Hey ya’ll and welcome back! My friend Kellie and I went to brunch recently at this really dope Black owned restaurant called Turn and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So Turn has been on my list of places to visit and I’m glad that we went because it’s such a cool vibe on the inside and the food was really good!

The owner and executive chef David Kirkland has always believed that food and music brings people together so he opened up Turn in Spring of 2016. Kellie and I actually got to meet and have a brief convo with chef David Kirkland and he’s a really nice and down to Earth guy. Now that you have a little backstory, let’s get into this food shall we?

Image is from Turn’s website
Image is from

We ordered drinks first and I got the Peach Rose Sangria. It’s made Cotes Du Rhone Rose, peach liqueur, vodka, peach nectar and sparkling Rose. It was so tasty and refreshing so if you’re also a fan of sangrias then you should definitely give this drink a try. Kellie ordered a Chai Latte with almond milk and she really enjoyed her drink as well.

We got to try out their Fried Cheese Curds with Chili Lime Ranch (thanks chef😊) and even though I personally am not the biggest fan of cheese, I have to say that these were really tasty. That Chili Lime Ranch really complemented with the Fried Cheese Curds really well and they had the perfect amount of the cheese and crunch.

For our entrées, I ordered the Brioche French Toast and The Biscuits and Gravy with a side of bacon (not pictured). French Toast is also one of my love languages and the ones at Turn were really good. They had the perfect crispy edges but were still fluffy on the inside.

I’ve loved biscuits and gravy my entire life and the ones here at Turn are so good! The biscuits are homemade and they use chicken sausage in the gravy and let me tell you something…there wasn’t a crumb left on either dish when I was finished. Not one! lol Everything I ate was just

Kellie also really enjoyed her Grilled Salmon Sandwich too. It’s made with Grilled Cajun Salmon, ginger wasabi mayo, pickles, cucumbers, and arugula on a hoagie and she chose the Truffle asiago fries as her side. She also got some Brussel sprouts as an additional side as well and she also thought her meal was delicious.

If you have never been to Turn before then you should definitely check them out when you can. The food, drinks, and hospitality are everything and you can tell that Chef David Kirkland really puts a lot of love into his cooking and restaurant. I will be coming back again to try out some other items on Turn’s menu in the future but until then, thanks for watching and I’ll see you all next time.


Erica Leigh


3224 Locust St. St. Louis, MO 63103

(Dinner) Thursday-Saturday: Closed

(Brunch) Wednesday-Friday: 9AM-2PM

Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-3PM


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