Come In And Grab A Plate Where The Brunch Is Great; Welcome To Rooster πŸ“

Hey there and happy Saturday! It’s finally the weekend which means it is the perfect time to go to brunch. If you don’y know where to go for brunch, then I would highly suggest that you check out Rooster.

Rooster is a is a unique European-style urban cafe that specializes in sweet and savory crepes, sandwiches, and their brunch is not only delicious but it’s also one of my faves. My friend Ty and I went here recently and here is everything that we ordered.

Is it even brunch without a mimosa(s) or some type of cute cocktail? I think not lol So for drinks I ordered the Sunset Mimosa and she ordered the Pink Palmona. We both really enjoyed our drinks and they are also very popular choices on the Rooster drink menu.

The Sunset Mimosa is made with fresh oj, champagne, and a splash of raspberry.
The Pink Paloma is made of hibiscus-infused tequila, lime, grapefruit, agave nectar, and soda.

For our entrΓ©es, I chose the speciality French Toast with berries with a side a bacon and Ty got the B.E.L.T. sandwich with a side of breakfast potatoes. Listen…when I tell you that we tore this food UP?! πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ½ My love for French Toast is real and the ones at Rooster are everything.

Ty also loved her B.E.L.T. sandwich and breakfast potatoes as well and she even had to take half of it home because she was so full. If you’re a fan of B.L.T’s and French Toast then you would really enjoy what we ordered and if not, no worries because there is so many other delicious options to pick from.

The B.E.L.T. sandwich is made with local bacon, fried egg, romaine, tomato, and rooster mayo.

If you haven’t been to Rooster yet then I would highly suggest that you put it on your list of local food places to visit. Not only is the food and drinks really good at Rooster but so is their hospitality and that is why I keep coming back. I would recommend that you try and get there as early as possible because it does get packed quickly and they do not take reservations. Also if you do have to wait, you will not have to stand around because Rooster does also provide plenty of outdoor and indoor additional seating. Thanks for tuning in and until next time loves…


Erica Leigh


3150 South Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118

(314) 772-3447

Open daily for Dine-in, Carryout, and Curbside Pickup from 8AM-2PM

Rooster (Downtown location)

1025 Washington. St.Louis, MO 63101

(314) 241-8118

Open daily for Dine-in, Carryout, and Curbside Pickup from 8AM-2PM

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