An Island-Inspired Restaurant Right Within In The Central West End; This Is Yellowbelly

My sisters and I have such different and busy schedules so it’s nice when we can all get together for a sister-sister girls night. One of my older sisters came into town and we met up and had dinner at Yellowbelly. The brunch at Yellowbelly was also really good and if you would like to see what I ate, then feel free to click here. Now let’s get into the good stuff shall we? Here is everything that we ordered.

You already know that we had to start off with drinks. 🍹

Being that I am a Leo, I had to order the Lion’s Share ($12). I definitely made the right decision because this drink is so good! It’s made with Kentucky Bourbon, miso orgeat, passion fruit, amontillado sherry, and lime.

One of my sisters ordered the Birds Of Paradise ($12) which is just a 50/50 blend of their two house frozen cocktails and my other sister ordered the Ex’s and Oh’s. They also really loved their drinks and would recommend them.

To start, we ordered the Cheddar Biscuits that comes with Umami Shrimp Butter ($6) and some of their Crab Fritters ($15). I have never had Umami Shrimp Butter before but it’s actually really good. These biscuits tasted like heaven and these crab fritters were everything! They are filled with lump crab and sweet corn and it also comes with honey mustard for dipping. They were so crispy on the outside and the inside is just bursting with all deliciousness.

I then ordered their Jamaican-Spiced Chicken Burger ($16) and my sisters ordered the Warm Mini Lobster Roll($22) and the Coconut Fried Shrimp ($15) Their Jamaican-Spiced Chicken Burger was absolutely delicious and it’s made with smoky aioli, pickled carrot, daikon, cilantro and it comes with a side of Beef Frat French Fries. That chicken burger was full of flavor and it was also very filling. I would highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it before. My sister’s also really enjoyed what they ordered as well. I didn’t try her lobster roll but that Coconut Fried Shrimp was

There are so many tasty options to choose from at Yellowbelly regardless if you’re eating there for brunch or dinner. If you haven’t been here yet, definitely come by whenever you get the chance because I can guarantee you that your stomach will thank you for it.

Thanks for tuning in and until next time loves…


Erica Leigh


4695 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108

(314) 499-1509

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 5PM-9PM

Saturday: 10AM-2PM (Brunch) & 5PM-10PM

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