A Taste Of Nicaragua In St.Louis; Welcome To Fritanga 🇳🇮

Hola a todas y bienvenidos de nuevo! (hello everyone and welcome back) My good friend Farrah came back home to visit and so we met up recently and tried out this Nicaraguan restaurant called Fritanga. I didn’t even know that we had a Nicaraguan restaurant here until people in my TikTok comments on told me so and I couldn’t wait to try this place out.

The owner Orlando Hidalgo moved to St.Louis from Nicaragua and being that he always wanted to own his own restaurant, he opened up Fritanga in 1997 and it has been serving authentic Nicaraguan cuisine locally ever since. Nicaragua is located in Central America and even though I haven’t been there (yet), I have to say that their cuisine is absolutely incredible and I am so glad this restaurant was recommended. Here is everything that Farrah and I ordered. 👀

To drink; Farrah ordered the Nicarita and I had the Passion Fruit Margarita and they were sooo good!

For an appetizer, we ordered their chicken empanadas. Now if you know me, you know that I LOVE some empanadas and the ones at Fritanga did not disappoint. The three empanadas are all made from scratch and you can either pick from chicken, shredded beef, cheese, pork, or zucchini.

For our entrées, I ordered the Churrasco Nica and I got some Tostones and Gallo Pinto for my sides. Tostones are crispy, green, smashed plantain patties and Gallo Pinto is a Nicaraguan dish made of mixed red beans and rice. When I tell you that this dish was amazing?!? Everything was seasoned and cooked and seasoned to perfection and it was also very filling.

Grilled skirt steak seasoned with a chimichurri sauce of parsley, citrus, garlic, and olive oil, or you can use jalapeño sauce.

For Farrah’s entrée, she ordered the Camarones De La Casa with Butter Garlic and she chose the Maduros (fried sweet & ripe plantains) and Arroz Con Frijoles Negros (black beans with rice) for her sides. She absolutely loved her meal and thought it was very delicious as well.

If you have never had Nicaraguan food before and I want to try it then you should definitely try out Fritanga. Not only was the food and drinks amazing but so was the hospitality. I will definitely be coming back again to try some other items on their menu and thank you to everyone who suggested that I try out Fritanga.

Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh


2208 S. Jefferson Ave, St.Louis MO 63104

(314) 664-7777

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday- 11AM-8PM

Thursday- 11AM-8PM

Friday- 11AM-9PM

Saturday- 11AM-9PM

Sunday- 11AM-8PM

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