Where You Can Get Top Notch Ramen & Pho, How Could You Say No? This Is Nudo House🍜

Hey everyone! So my friend Carmen and I met up for lunch recently and being that I wanted to try something different, she suggested that we go to Nudo House. I’ve heard so many great things about this place plus my love for ramen is real, so I was excited to try them out. They have so many delicious items to try but here is all that we ordered.

For appetizers, I got the Tamarind Fried Chicken (which were super delicious btw) and Carmen got the crab rangoon.

The Tamarind Fried Chicken is made with tempura chicken, tamarind sauce, napa slaw, fried shallot, and green onion.

For our entrée’s, I got the O’Miso Spicy Ramen and omg it was so good! It was very flavorful and also very filling.

The O’Miso Spicy Ramen is made with tonkotsu broth, Nudo miso, Nudo chili paste, chasu pork, bean sprouts, & pickled mustard greens.

Carmen ordered the Classic Nudo for her entrée, and she really loved her meal as well. Whenever she comes to Nudo House, the Classic Nudo is her go-to favorite.

The Classic Nudo is made with tonkotsu broth, shoyu, chasu pork, menma, and black garlic.

If you’ve never been to Nudo House, then this is your sign to give them a try. Not only is the food really good but the hospitality was too. I will definitely be back to try some more items on their menu and thank you for tuning in!

Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh

Nudo House

6105-A, Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112

Phone: (314) 370-6970


Tuesday: 11AM-9PM

Wednesday: 11AM-9PM

Thursday: 11AM-9PM

Friday: 11AM-9PM

Saturday: 11AM-9PM

Sunday: 12PM-9PM

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