The Food At Cluster Buster’s Is Good As A M***** F***** πŸ¦ž

Hey there and happy Monday! Are you hungry? Good, because I’m back with another food post. So my friends and I recently tried out Cluster Buster’s and ya’ll…the food here is smacktastic! What is smacktastic you ask? It’s when the food is smackin’ and fantastic at the time lol. Ok now back to the food! Cluster Buster’s is a Black owned seafood restaurant located here in St. Louis MO and it serves everything from crab legs to lobster Mac and cheese. Their menu has so many delicious options to choose from and here is what we ordered.

So Candace and I both got the Drip Drip platter. It comes with two snow crab clusters, two (each) pieces of corn, sausage, and potatoes and with 10 pieces of grilled shrimp. You can get it in original, cajun or lemon pepper but you’re also able to mix and match the flavors too. We both got the cajun and lemon pepper mix and when I tell you this food was bomb!? πŸ˜©πŸ€€πŸ™ŒπŸ½ We tore these crab legs πŸ—£UP! lol Everything was seasoned well and it was cooked perfectly. I also got a peach mango to drink which was also very tasty.

Carmen got the Cajun Fried Salmon Fillet and Fries and she also got the Fried Chicken Wingzz with Busted Sauce. I tried some of her fries and a wing and let me tell you something… that wing was winging like a wing has never winged before. It was so good!

The food at Cluster Buster’s is so good! We all loved what we ordered and we will definitely be returning to try some other options on their menu. If you haven’t been to Cluster Buster’s yet, I highly recommend that you give them a try! Not only is the food great but so was the hospitality. We went to the location on Gravois but there are two Cluster Buster’s location that you can choose from.

Thank you for tuning in and until next time loves…


Erica Leigh

Cluster Buster’s

5003 Gravois Ave STL, MO 63116

Monday- Sunday 1PM- 9:30PM

(314) 449- 1544

4320 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr STL, MO 63113 (No Dine In)

Monday-Saturday 12PM-7:30PM

Sunday- Closed


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