Delmar’s New Upscale Restaurant Has Been The Talk Of The Town And Now I Can Totally See Why. Welcome To Prime55

Hey hey and welcome back! I hope you’re hungry because I have a new food spot to tell you about. So STL has a new Black-owned upscale restaurant located in the Delmar loop called Prime55 and I was able to attend their grand opening. Yall…the food here is SO good!! My friend Kellie and I ordered a little bit of everything off the menu so let’s start with drinks shall we?


We had the Walk In The Park Sangria($7). Kellie had it with red wine and I had it with white. So good!

The waitresses were walking around and were passing out free samples of other drinks on their menu too. This is the Blue Trolley ($12). I’ll be ordering this the next time I visit. =D

To start off, we ordered the Lobster Fries ($13) and Habanero Honey Wings ($12). 


They are made with Cajun Fries and it has big chunks of lobster in the cheese sauce. Not gonna lie…I almost ordered a 2nd one. It was THAT good lol 


If you know me, you know that crabcakes are my kryptonite.. so of course I had to order some. ($12) The fresh crab meat paired with a lemon aioli and pickled red onions?



So I misread the menu, and I ordered the tacos for my dinner but they are only served for lunch. I spoke it over with our waitress Maya and Ms.Vanessa and even though it was a lunch item, they still were able to make it for me for dinner. I really appreciated that because I was definitely ok with ordering something else but they made it happen for me anyways. My stomach and I were so grateful because these tacos were awesome!! I love spicy food and these had just the right amount of kick to them.

Blackened Mahi Tacos with a cajun vegetable medley and finished with an avacado crema. ($12) 


So what did you think? Looks pretty good huh? I told you! lol Not only is the food amazing, but so was the hospitality. Our waitress Maya did such a great job and we really appreciate the great service from her and everyone working that night. Even the owner Orlando Watson came up to us and had a conversation; and he was super nice and personable too.  I definitely will be back again to try more items on their menu and I highly suggest you stop on by and check them out too. 

Until next time loves….XO

Erica Leigh

Prime 55 Restaurant & Lounge
6100 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63112

Hours Of Operation:
Monday – Closed
Tuesday: 5pm-10pm
Wednesday: 11am – 2:30pm – 5pm – 10pm
Thursday: 11am – 2:30pm – 5pm – 10pm
Friday: 11am – 2:30pm – 5pm – 12am
Saturday: 11am – 2:30pm – 5pm – 12am
Sunday: 11am – 2:30pm – 5pm – 10pm


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