Welcome To WuDon Korean BBQ: A Blessing To My Stomach

Hello my fellow foodies and welcome back! So the girls and I were overdue for a ladies night and to kick our evening off, getting some good food was our main priority.  We wanted to switch things up a bit and one of my friends (Hey Franny girl!) suggested we try WudDon. Wudon is a Korean BBQ restaurant here in St. Louis MO and it is absolutely delicious! I have always wanted to try Korean BBQ but I never did until now and I’m lowkey mad at myself for waiting so long to do so lol. Check out how my first time went below! =D


Thank you so much for watching! I really hope you liked it and I’ll see you in my next food adventure. Got any food suggestions for me? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll definitely check them out. Also, if you’re here in STL or in the surrounding areas and would like to try WuDon; you can find them here: 

WuDon Korean BBQ: 1261 Castillons Arcade Plaza St.Louis, MO 63141 (314) 628-1010

Until next time loves.. XO

Erica Leigh

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