The Food Is Divine At Burger 809🍔

*Burger 809 permanently closed in December 2022*

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back! So my friend Carmen and I were in the mood for some food and being that we had a taste for some burgers, we had lunch at Burger 809. Tasha Smith (the founder) wanted to elevate the standards in the food industry by serving fresh and quality food with exceptional service. I would have to say mission accomplished because not only was the food amazing but so was the staff’s hospitality.

I kept getting so many comments on my TikTok videos telling me to come and check this place out and I’m so glad that we did because the food here is is everything! I’m very particular when it comes to my burgers and when I tell you the burgers at Burger 809 do not disappoint?! Let me show you what I mean…

Picture is of Tasha Smith from @Burger809 on IG

So both Carmen and I ordered the slider trio and the burgers that I chose were The B809 Signature Slider(top right) , The Bluewood Baby (bottom left), The West Side, and then I got side of their baked mac n cheese. Let me tell ya’ll something…I knew that I was in for a treat after the first bite of my burger and can we talk about this baked mac n cheese?!

For her trio, Carmen ordered the South Side Salmon Slider, the Bluewood Baby, the B809 Signature Slider and a side of cheese fries. She also got Cherry Hop Tart beer from Bluewood Brewing.

Carmen and I ate so good at Burger 809 that we even had to take some food home because there was no way that we could finish all of that in one sitting. If you’re a burger lover like myself then Burger 809 is definitely the place for you. There are so many different slider options to choose from and I promise that you and your stomach will leave full and happy.

Carmen also really enjoyed her choice of beer from Bluewood Brewing as well. If you’re a fan of beer then you should definitely check out Bluewood Brewing because they have quite the variety and the staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions that you may have. I appreciate you tuning in and until next time loves...


Erica Leigh

Burger 809

1821 Cherokee Street, St. Louis MO, 63118 (Inside Bluewood Brewery)

(314) 899-5959

Monday and Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday and Thursday: 3PM-9PM

Friday: 11:30AM-9PM

Saturday: 11:15AM-9PM

Sunday: 11:30AM-7PM

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