DIY 5 Refreshing Fruit Infused Waters🍋🍓

Strawberries, Kiwi’s and Limes…Oh my!

Hey everyone and welcome back! Being stuck indoors has really motivated me to do better in every aspect of my life. One of the most important aspects of my life is health and I wanted to share what has been very beneficial for me. Now I can’t lie, I’m definitely a huge juice lover. From Apple (which is the Beyoncé of juices btw lol ) to Cran-Grape(or Cran-Apple), to Simply Raspberry Lemonade, I love to drink them all. Even though juice is very delicious, drinking all of that sugar is not good for your body.

Just in Simply Raspberry Lemonade alone, it contains 160 calories per serving and it also contains over 40 grams of sugar. I needed to find a way to still satisfy my juice cravings but also be able cut out as much excess sugar as possible. I drink water all the time and I also have had infused water before and really enjoyed it. I figured this would be a great option as a healthier alternative and man was I right! Would you like to see what combinations I used for my infused water recipes and the benefits from each combination? Just go ahead and press play. 😊

Drinking fruit infused waters has really helped me cut back on all the sugary drinks and I can already see an improvement. I refill each jar with water until I have extracted all of the nutrients from the fruit which is usually about 3-4 refills/each. With swapping out juice for infused water and still keeping up with my exercise and eating right… I have lost an additional 9LBS. Boop! lol

You don’t have to use the same fruit combinations that I did either. Feel free to switch some things up and try whatever fruit you would like because the options are infinite. I hope this information was helpful and I’ll see you in my next post. Keep staying healthy out here everyone!


Erica Leigh

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