Did You Know You Can Detail Your Car For A $1? It’s True! & Here’s How You Do It.

Hey yall! Welcome back and today I just wanted to drop by and give you a quick cleaning tip when it comes to your car. So if you know me, you know that I can’t STAND clutter, disorganaztion and especially dirt. It literally drives me crazy lol Being someone who battles with anxiety, I have found that having a really clean and clear space does wonders for me. Not only does that apply to my home, and office; but to my car as well. I found this hack via twitter and at first I was skeptical but then I saw someone RT it and said when he used to work at a car detailing place, this is the exact product that they used. I have spent well over 70+ dollars to get Rufio detailed and now that I know I can find this product at my local dollar tree, I’ll be doing it myself from now on. 😌


This is my 2nd bottle lol =D


So what did you think? Rufio looks bomb right?! I hope this cleaning hack helps and I’ll definitely will have some more DIYs for you next week so stay tuned! You can find LA’s Totally Awesome at any Dollar Tree or Dollar General.

Until next time loves…XO

Erica Leigh

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