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Keep Your Pooch Pampered With St.Louis’ Very Own Traveling Dog Groomer… This Is DoggieStylzs Boutique

Well hey there everyone & welcome back! So every one who knows me knows that my two dogs (a German Shepard named Shep & a Yorkie named Tookie) are my world. I love my boys so much and so when it comes to their veterinary and grooming needs; we only go to the best.  The family and I were in need of a new groomer for Tookie because the one he was going to shut down recently and Petsmart was totally out of the question. 


I have known Areina for quite some time now and so her business DoggieStylzs Boutique instantly came to mind and I reached out. Arena is a St.Louis MO native and she started her business back in 2012. Not only is she a black-owned traveling dog & cat groomer but her boutique also sells really cute accessories for your pets as well. I was able to get an appointment right away and she even has different packages for you to choose from. We went with the diamond doggy spa package and what a difference it made on him! Tookie loves to dig and roll in the dirt but he  also hates getting baths so this appointment was right on time lol.  Want to see how everything went? Go ahead and press play… =)

My parents were so impressed with Areina and the work she did on Tookie that his future appointment has already been set up. He was way more comfortable being in his own home and seeing all of his family around and she also brought all of her own supplies too. The only thing that we provided was the shower for her to bathe him in and the broom for her to sweep up all of the hair with. Speaking of which, my parents really appreciated how clean she left their house after she was done too. Our dogs mean a lot to us and it feels good to find someone who takes pride in taking great care of them just as much as we do. 

If you are looking for a new groomer for your pet then I would highly recommend DoggieStylzs Boutique. To find out more information about Areina and DoggieStylzs Boutique, head on over to and book your appointment today! 

Areina, I am just so proud of you! I remember when you first started grooming out of your garage and just look at you now! This is only the beginning for you and I wish you all the success with your business. Keep on shining girl!

Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh

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