Authentic Peruvian Cuisine Right Here In The Midwest…Esto Es Mango

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Update: Mango permanently closed on December 19, 2020

I haven’t been to the country of Peru (well..not yet at least) but I did just eat some Peruvian cuisine recently and I loved it! My cousin was in town visiting for work and wanted to try something different, so my sister and I took her to Mango. Mango is located downtown St. Louis, MO and it was opened by owner/chef Jorge Calvo and his wife Nori who wanted to bring their native dishes of Peru to the Midwest.

When walking into Mango, you’re instantly greeted with a friendly face and the mood in the restaurant has a very cozy and intimate feel.  From the dim lighting, flameless candles and cozy seating, Mango definitely has the close personal vibe going on which I personally enjoy. So now that you got the feel of the place, let’s get down to the important issue at hand…the food! For appetizers we ordered the Tortillas de Choclo which are fresh corn griddle cakes with chalaca acholada and some sweet plantains.  Ones that know me know that I could literally eat plantains every day because they bring my heart so much joy. Lol



 Now to the main courses! So I ordered the Tallarin Verde which is pasta tossed in creamy basil, walnut and spinach pesto and I added shrimp. When I tell you that dish was a blessing to every inch of my stomach? Listen… it was so BOMB! I really don’t eat pasta with pesto too much (I’m more of an Alfredo and marinara type of girl) but after eating this tasty dish, I’ll have to incorporate into my dishes more.

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My sister ordered the Saltado de Langostinos which is sautéed shrimp with sweet onions, tomatoes, aji Amarillo and cilantro in white wine and olive oil with white rice and steak fries.  *Takes a deep breath* Man! You try saying that 10 times fast lol. Every time we come here, this is her favorite dish to order so it’s definitely super tasty and I can vouch for it because what kind of little sister would I be if I didn’t nibble off her plate? =D


 I feel like I’m missing something… hmm… oh yea! Drinks! How could I forget about drinks? I personally like fruity drinks and if you like those too then you’re really going to enjoy the Spanish Limeade. It’s made with lime juice, prosecco, Alvear Fino Sherry and St. Germaine.  Never heard of those ingredients? No worries, just know it’s really good.  


Alright folks, that pretty much wraps up this segment of ‘What Erica Leigh Eats’. If you also want to try some Peruvian food, come on down to Mango! I promise you won’t regret it.  They are open Monday- Thursday from 11Am-10PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM-11PM and Sunday 4PM-9PM. If you want to make reservations ahead of time, just call 314-621-9993 or send an email to and any other questions or concerns can be addressed at To find Mango, just put 1001 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63101 into your GPS.

Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh

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