Mis Vacaciones En Puerto Rico!


Hey Hey! & welcome to my first segment of Erica Leigh’s Adventures.  This past Thanksgiving, the family and I decided to switch it up a little bit for the holidays. So instead of eating our favorite Thanksgiving foods with the cold Midwestern weather outside, we wanted some fun in the sun and decided head on down to Puerto Rico for a week. Words can’t even describe how much fun we had!

With everybody’s busy schedules, it’s hard sometimes to get everyone together so this vacation is exactly what the family needed. If you know me, you know I love traveling (it’s the military kid in me lol) and I always get asked on why I don’t vlog my adventures so I decided from now on, I’ll be doing just that. This is my first vlog I’ve ever done for traveling and I have a lot more trips to post about in the future so stay tuned! By the way, I will get fancier in time with editing and my camera skills so bare with me but for my first time doing so, I think it turned out pretty well. =D If you would like to see it in full screen, just click on the YouTube icon on my video. Enjoy!



And that’s all folks for this segment of Erica Leigh’s Adventures. I hope you liked it and hopefully it inspires you to want to travel more in the future. Puerto Rico was absolutely beautiful! The people were so friendly, the food was amazing, and I learned so much about their culture. I’ll definitely be visiting again in the future.

Until next time loves..


Erica Leigh


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