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Beauty, Brains, and A Killer Wardrobe.. This Is Blake Von D


Why hello and welcome back. This weeks ‘Noire Excellence’ segment is featuring the lovely Blake Von D.  I found her on Instagram years ago and just really loved her fashion sense and all of her pictures from her travel adventures and I’ve been following her ever since. I’ve wanted to interview her for awhile and I finally got the chance to! We talked about everything under the sun like…well, how about you just keep reading and find out for yourself on how our conversation went. =)

ATBEL: So for those who may not know who you are… introduce yourself a little bit.

BVD: My name is Blake. I’m originally from Macon, Georgia, but I’ve lived all over from Atlanta, New York,  and also in New Orleans. Since graduating from college, I have moved and I’m currently living in Chicago. I’m a full-time blogger, but I’m also just one swearing-in ceremony away from being a licensed attorney!

 ATBEL: Nice!! That’s super dope. I’ve been following you for a while on IG and I LOVE your style.  You stay fresh out the Ziploc. Lol What made you want to become a style blogger?



BVD: Lol. Thank you! I didn’t set out to become a fashion blogger…or a blogger in general. I originally was just looking for a space online to write about my life experiences. Over time, I started to get a lot of questions about my clothing and requests for more outfit posts. 7 years later, here we are.

 ATBEL: How would you describe your style in 3 words?

 BVD: Edgy. Affordable. Fun.




 ATBEL: In your opinion, is there a difference between a style blogger and a fashion blogger?

 BVD: I don’t think so. I think the terms are used pretty interchangeably. If there’s a difference, perhaps in lies in that you can blog about fashion, designers, fashion shows, and etc. without necessarily posting about your own personal style. But again, I think bloggers and readers alike use both terms to mean the same thing.

 ATBEL: What inspires your style?



 BVD: My style is mostly inspired by my mood, the period of my life that I’m in (student vs. working professional) and in some instances, even the city that I’m living in.

 ATBEL: If you could spend the day shopping with anybody who would it be and why?

 BVD: Rihanna. No questions asked. Her street style is crazy and she can make anything look good. The way she plays with the utility of garments is inspiring and I’d love to learn some of that magic.

 ATBEL:  Very nice choice! Rhi-Rhi is quite the game changer when it comes to fashion and she always looks bomb. I see you are also into world traveling too! I loved your pictures from South Africa, Paris and Italy. How was your experience when you went? Do you have any new adventures planned?


Blake in Cape Town South Africa visiting ‘Smartie Town’


When in Rome…


Meet Mickey! #VisitSouthAfrica


At the Nelson Mandela Capturing Site



BVD: All of my international travels have been amazing experiences. Especially because they were experiences I never thought I’d get the opportunity to have. Each was unique in their own way. I don’t currently have any international travels in the works, but this blogger life is full of surprises so you never know!

 ATBEL:  I have to say Blake, you are the true definition of beauty and brains. You graduating from Law school is such a huge accomplishment! Has that always been a passion of yours? What type of law did you study?




BVD: Thank you so much! That is such a wonderful compliment. I have wanted to go to law school since I was a little girl, so it was definitely a dream come true to be able to attend. Currently my interests lie in intellectual property. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I want to pursue those interests.

ATBEL: You’re so welcome. That’s so awesome and I wish you well with all of  your future law endeavors.  I know that you recently moved to Chicago.. how are you liking it there so far?


BVD: I love Chicago. I never thought I would live here but I’ve having a great time getting to know the city.

 ATBEL: What can we lookout for from Blake Von D in 2016?

 BVD: My hope is that I just continue to keep growing as a blogger, as a person and as a new lawyer. I can’t say what exactly is in store, but I’m excited for whatever comes my way.

 ATBEL: Where can one find you via social media?

 BVD: My handle on all social media platforms is @BlakeVonD.

 ATBEL: Thanks a bunches for sitting down and taking the time to chat with me today. I wish you many blessings in the future!

BVD: Thank you! It was my pleasure. Can’t wait to see what you do with this space and much success to you in the future!

ATBEL: Thank you so much! Xo

Well folks, that it all for this ‘Dope Ones To Know’ segment.  It was such a pleasure doing this interview and Blake, this is only the beginning for you girl! I wish much success and many blessings in the future and you keep letting that Black Girl Magic beam bright!

Until next time…


Erica Leigh



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