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Meet The Man Behind The E.B.O. Beard Butter Brand



Hey hey!! Welcome back to another ‘Noire Excellence’ segment and fellas..this interview is just for you. (Ladies, you know I couldn’t forget about you..I even threw in some eye candy for you to look at too. You’re welcome. =D ) So I had the chance to sit down and talk with this guy recently and got the inside scoop of his thriving beard butter business. Ladies, we love us a man with a full beard right? And fellas you want to make sure your beard looks its best at all times right? Right! This 24 year old DC native has came up with his own organic formula to not only help beards grow but also how to maintain them to be as healthy as possible. Want to see what I’m talking about? Just keep reading..

ATBEL: Hey Hey! Good morning sir.. how are you?

EBB: Hello and good morning to you. I’m doing great thanks for having me.

 ATBEL: Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me; it’s much appreciated. Let’s get started shall we? Introduce yourself a little bit…

 EBB: Well my name is Edward Oliver Jr but everybody just calls me Ed. I’m 24 (soon to be 25) and I’m from Washington DC. I went to Norfolk State University and graduated with a business degree in fall 2013, and now I’m just running my business E.B.O Beard Butter trying to take it to the next level.



ATBEL: So what made you want to start making beard butter? When did you start making them?


 EBB: Well what inspired me is that I’ve been growing my beard since 2012 and even though it grows normally, it didn’t have that look or feel I wanted. My beard was rough and hard to manage and I quickly realized after searching the Internet for help, that the products I did find didn’t really cater to my type of hair. I talked to my mom about helping me make my own stuff because she also makes organic products with her company Caravan Organics. In May 2014 she helped me come up with a formula to help with the growth process of my beard and the rest is pretty much history. At first it just started off as just a hobby and something to use for myself but after countless of people started to notice the difference in my beard that summer along with the all requests for me to start selling it; I decided to do just that in November of that same year.

 ATBEL: What ingredients do you put in your beard butter? And is it good for all skin/beard types?

 EBB: Well the basis of it is Shea butter, coconut oil, and some essential oils. I use and add a few other good things that as well but it that I can’t give away. No worries though because I don’t use any chemicals or preservatives in my creations; everything is 100% organic. My mom plays no games when it comes to making products that will be going on someone’s body so I really didn’t have much of a choice anyways. Lol  There are so many products out there that use harmful chemicals to achieve results that consumers are looking for and I’m proud to say my product doesn’t contain anything like that. And it does work on all of beard and skin types as well. I have customers from all different races that use my product and they like it. I’ve even shipped my beard butter to customers all around the country and even over seas.



Big Krit supports EBO Beard Butter

ATBEL: Shout out to moms for keeping it funky and not being with all the extra chemical shenanigans. Lol My skin for one is definitely is not a fan of tons of chemicals being used on it so it’s dope that you took that concept into consideration for your customers and kept everything organic. So how do you come with different combinations? Do certain ingredients work better together when it comes to getting a beard to grow?

 EBB: The combinations just came from me picking up different scents that I think my customers and I would like. I also listen to the feedback from my customers when they tell me what type of scents they’re looking for and what they would like to see in the future. All the ingredients do work as a team to keep the beard/facial hair moisturized, soft, smelling good and for it to produce quality hair growth.



 ATBEL: I see a lot of men who have a struggle beard and that’s why they need really your butter. So what causes a beard not to grow?

 EBB: A beard is like grass and/or plants. You need to water your plants, let it get sunlight, and keep it in the right soil and so it’s similar with beards. Your beard needs to be moisturized so that it doesn’t get dry, ingrown hairs, or anything like that. Facial hair grows regardless but just because it’s growing doesn’t mean it’s growing properly.

 ATBEL: Ok Bill Nye the Science Guy..I see you dropping some beard growth knowledge one time for the one time. Lol So what do you think makes your product stand out from the competition?

 EBB: Lol! I feel like what makes my beard butter stand out is that not only is it a really great product (the results definitely speak for itself) but more importantly I involve my customers in the whole process more than most companies out there. I always repost pictures of my customers with the product on social media as well because I try to make it a social thing outside of just selling them my product. I genuinely appreciate everyone who has been supporting me and I also let my customers give input into my business as well. For example, when I create new scents and things like that I like to hear their opinions and ideas because I really want them to feel like they’re apart of the business.


Yes lawd!



ATBEL: I definitely can respect that. There are so many companies out there who just put out what they want you to buy and it’s pretty much take it or leave it type deal but customer feedback plays a huge part on a companies success so it’s good to know that you take that seriously. So how do you know what to name a new tube of beard butter? Do you just pick something at random? Or do you bounce ideas off people to see what sticks? I personally think Caribbean Camille, Rosemary Rogue, or Jungle Jojoba sound pretty badass for future beard butters in the making AND they are great oil for hair growth… just saying. Lol =D

 EBB: I usually just create things that I like and I’ll also toss some ideas out there and see what customers think. I get some of my closest homies to come check out stuff that I’m working on and they’re really honest with me but so far so good lol. Customers really like the products that I’ve been putting out and I’ve received so many positive reviews as well. Lol those are cool ass names might have switch it up a lil but that Jungle Jojoba sounds cool for summer.

 ATBEL: Aight nah Ed..remember who gave you those names if you happen to use them. I’m going to need for you to cut me a check for that. Lol j/k Was your beard ever a struggle beard?

 EBB: Lol! Ok bet. Yeah I had a struggle beard in 2012 when I first started growing it and my beard was so terrible, rough and dry looking.. it was HORRIBLE. But I weathered the storm and Glo’d up and now my beard is great and healthy. Lol


Progress from March 2015 (left) to October 2015

ATBEL: Lowkey, your beard does look softer than Chili’s baby hair. Lol I know that your entire beard butter collection is handmade; so how long does the process usually take from start to finish?

 EBB: It takes about a 45 minutes but I make multiple jars at once but the process isn’t hard at all. It’s fairly simple now, just waiting for it to solidify is the longest part but even that doesn’t take too long. I got it down to a science now so it’s pretty easy.

 ATBEL: What are some 2016 goals you would like to accomplish when it comes to your beard butter empire?

EBB: My goal is to sell over 10 thousand jars of beard butter, network more, collaborate with other business and release new products to go along with the beard butter.

 ATBEL: The response from your product has been crazy!! I see so many dudes RT you with their progress and I have to say it’s quite impressive. So kudos to you my friend. How does it feel to get so much positive feedback on your beard butters? It’s like your recipe has become the Holy Grail for struggle beards everywhere lol




IMG_1287 FullSizeRender(67)

EBB: I’m thankful as hell honestly because I appreciate my customers for just giving me the chance. They could have spent their money with someone else but they decided to come to me and give my product a shot and for them to like it and continue to come back I’m happy and very appreciative. Without them, I would have no business so I can’t stop thanking everyone who supports it.

 ATBEL: Where can people purchase your beard butter? Or just finding you in general if they have any questions about your product.

 EBB: They can order on my webstore

On twitter & instagram @Young_Edgod

They can like my business page on Facebook E.B.O Beard Butter and to contact me for any questions or concerns my email is

 ATBEL: Once again Ed, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today and I wish you nothing but success and many blessings in your future beard butter endeavors. This is only the beginning for you and your company and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. We have to catch up again do a follow up interview in the future. cool beans?

EBB: Thank you for having I appreciate you taking the time out your schedule to do this interview with me and of course we can follow up anytime this is the start of a new relationship. Thank you E.

ATBEL: Anytime. =)

And there you have it folks.. Make sure you go out and support him and tell him Erica Leigh sent you. Kapeesh?

Until next time loves….


Erica Leigh






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