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Meet Dana; A Brooklyn Native Who Creates Epic Black Artwork.. Introducing ‘Pardon My Fro’


Hey yall! Welcome back to another one of my ‘Noire Excellence’ posts and today you’re in for a real treat. Meet Dana; a BK/Germany native who is doing BIG things with her artwork company called ‘Pardon My Fro’. These one of a kind colorful pieces can be put on anything you would like from blankets, doormats, mugs, umbrellas, cell phone cases and even shower curtains. We were able to sit down and have some girl chat recently, and I had the pleasure of getting to know more about her and the ‘Pardon My Fro’ brand. She is definitely someone to be on the lookout for and to see what exactly what I mean; just keep reading….  

ATBEL: Well hello hello! How are you today ma’am?

PMF: I’m great! Hope you’re well!

ATBEL: I’m great! Thank you for asking and I really appreciate you taking the time out to have some girl chat with me today. Lets get this party started shall we? First things first, give us a little 411 about you love.

PMF: I’m Dana! Born in Brooklyn, raised in Germany. Weird combo but that’s me! I am the designer for Pardon My Fro which is a home, art, etc collection under my business Olive Paperie!


*Dana (on the right) and Kelly who founded Natural Girls Rock at the Living No Lye event recently in ATL*

ATBEL: I found out about you via Instagram when I saw your artwork like 3 times on my explorer page. Every time I would click on a picture, I would be like this is to cute! and then it would lead me back to your page.  So I started to become nosy and lurk on your page and I have been a fan of yours ever since. Lol

PMF: Thank you so much! I love to hear about when someone first saw my work. Years ago, my work was only word of mouth so it’s interesting to see that transition into social media.

ATBEL: You’re very welcome! So how long have you been creating your pieces? And what made you want to start?

PMF: Since 2010. I was laid off my job as head graphic designer at a retail store and after that I decided to start my business.

ATBEL: Are all of your designs hand drawn?

PMF: Some elements are but I rely heavy on illustrator to make them come alive!


Meet some of the Pardon My Fro Dolls..Tangerine (up) and Aqua*

ATBEL: What made you choose to name your business ‘Pardon My Fro?’ When I hear that it just sounds like everything that represents black excellence. From beautiful skin shades, to an amazing culture, big curly hair as full as honey boo boo’s stomach, and just overall unapologetic awesomeness. *Hair-flip* lol

PMF: That’s exactly it! I wanted a name that people would want to know more about it.. You know something that was fierce, unapologetic, and in your face.

ATBEL: I noticed that all of your pieces don’t have any facial features besides lips. What made you want to want to draw them that way?

PMF: That’s just my style. I am definitely a minimalistic designer so less is more to me.


‘Brick’ (up)  Wall Tapestry and ‘Zurina’ Art Print


ATBEL: So what inspires a piece that you create?

PMF: Everything all around me really. From my daughter, NYC, my local city Charlotte, Tumblr, fashion blogs, and definitely Instagram.

ATBEL: I always said I wish I knew how to draw. Like my drawing capability on a scale from 1 to 10 is a negative 8 lol Did you ever have any formal art training? Or is this a talent that came natural for you.

PMF: You know believe it or not I’m not the best hand sketcher. No formal training, everything is self taught.

ATBEL: Do you have a favorite drawing? Carmen, Venice, Brick, Chanel and Ella have to be my top fab 5’s out of your collection.


‘Ella’ Door Mat


‘Chanel’ Throw Blanket


‘Venice’ Shower Curtain


PMF: My favorite drawings always change from month to month. lol Last month it was as Willow, and now this month it’s Mood. She has such an attitude and I love it!

ATBEL:  I have to say.. ‘Mood’ is pretty badass lol So what does Pardon My Fro mean to you? And what message do you want your brand to portray to the outsiders looking in.

PMF: To me, PMF is epic, flawless, edgy, bold yet stylish!

ATBEL: As a young black entrepreneur on the rise, what advice do you have for other young kings and queen out there who want to venture out and follow their passions.

PMF: Be yourself! This is something I hear/see all the time, but I’m telling you that it is the the key to having a successful brand. Don’t pursue something just because of someone else..just do you!

ATBEL: Well that wraps up all I had for you today girly. Before we skiddaddle, let everyone know where they to can get a one of a kind ‘Pardon My Fro’ piece.


PMF: Make sure and follow me on IG @pardonmyfro to find out about hauls flash sales, and holiday gear!

ATBEL: I wish you nothing but the best in the future Dana. Keep creating and being awesome and we have to catch up again later on. Cool beans? Thanks again

PMF: Thanks so much for interviewing me! I appreciate the support!

ATBEL: Anytime girly! The pleasure was all mine.

I absolutely loooooovvvvveeeeeeee her pieces and I can’t wait to add some of her work into my own collection. Dana you are such a talented artist, and I know that the sky is the limit for you and ‘Pardon My Fro’ and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Keep on shining love, and we will get up again soon for a follow up interview.

Until next time loves….


Erica Leigh


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