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St.Louis’ Own Arshad Goods Brings Dope Vibes Through Your Speakers In ‘Black Sunday’


Meet Arshad Goods. A Midwest native whose passion for music, and killer wordplay has really started to get some serious buzz and having people starting to wonder like…who is this guy?  We talked about everything from his latest project release, his reasons for following his passions instead of following the “norm”,  to what’s next on his journey with music . To get to know him and his music a little better..just keep reading.

 ATBEL: My dude Arshad Goods… how are you homie? I see you been out here working. Black Sunday is crazy!

AG: I’m doing good E, How have you been? Yeah the response from the project has been crazy so far! I can’t complain at all.

ATBEL: I’m blessed sir, definitely no complaints here. We have a lot to discuss but before we dive into all of the details of this new project of yours.. take about 2.5 seconds to let my readers out there know who you are, where you are from and just a little background info about how the name Arshad Goods came to be.

AG: I’m a kid from St. Louis. Grew up in U. City, same crib all my life. Went to school for some years and it really showed me that it’s not always what you can do, but what you find purpose in. Luckily I found mine in music. As far as the name goes, it’s my birth middle name. I went with my middle name because it reminded me of how life works. It’s not your start or your ending as much as it is everything that was in between.

ATBEL: Man lowkey…that was deep lol So you and I have been homies for quite some time now and I’ve been with you in the studio with you when you recorded some of your earlier projects and those were some dope records too but Black Sunday tho? *claps hands* Like I can honestly say I didn’t skip over one song and this entire project is awesome. I’m not just saying that because you’re my friend because you know I’ll let you know if I thought it was trash. Lol So tell me a little bit about Black Sunday. How did it come about? The meaning of the title? The message behind it and all that good stuff.


AG: It’s a lot that goes into that answer. I’ll try and keep it short and just say the project was based on how I viewed life and the duality of it and all these walking contradictions. Like we’re literally walking contradictions and that’s fine because it creates a balance. Also I obviously played on Black Friday too. So I felt like if we give so much of our resources and time to Black Friday, then let Black Sunday be the day we take it all back. It’s about OWNERSHIP.

ATBEL: I see you getting your Jet Magazine: Ebony Man Of The Month on in this Black Sunday photo shoot. lol You clean up nice though. Who shot the photos? Whoever she is did an awesome job.


AG: Not Ebony Man Of The! E you so damn silly man. Jessica Page ( on IG) came through and actually did them for me. I knew I needed a female photographer once I bought the suit and I’m really happy with how everything turned out. She’s really dope with a camera.

ATBEL: That’s whats up. So how long have you been working on this project? Like start to finish.

AG: It’s hard to say because of how the project came about, but I would say around 9 months to a year. Maybe a little bit more but a bulk of it was done in 9 months. It was like creating and birthing a child for me.


ATBEL: I can tell you’re very proud of this project and you definitely should be.  So I know you have gotten a lot of feedback that you have a J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar type of sound going on with your music. How does that make you feel knowing that your wordplay is being compared to some of the dopest artists of hip hop at this time?

AG: It’s great! Especially since I am a fan of all their work. I still just try to focus on being the best me and making sure I’m getting better and being creative. I can’t really focus on who I get compared to, but I’m not mad at the names I’ve been getting mentioned with at all. Those guys have had careers though, I’m still trying to get to that point.

ATBEL: You haven’t always done music though right? I know you graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in engineering (correct me if I’m wrong) and had an awesome job within that field after you graduated. What made you want to venture out and do music full time even though you had all of your ducks all lined up in a row.

AG: Purpose. And yeah I went to college, grad school, all that. To keep it short, I’ve had instances in my life that have led me down this path and I feel like I’m doing exactly what I should be doing right now. You can’t let money or your ego dictate your decisions in life. Realize you always have a choice.


ATBEL: Who are your musical influences?

AG: That’s a list that’s too long to name but I’ll say a few. Pac, Andre, Jay, Nas, ‘Ye…. The list goes on. I listen to a lot of R&B/Soul and jazz too. Like Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, and Ms. Badu probably get more time in my ears than any rappers do.

ATBEL: If you could do a song with anyone and put it on your next project, who would it be and why? You already know mine would be *throws up the roc* lol

AG: I think it would be a song with Andre with ‘Ye and Dr. Dre producing it. Let’s go ahead and put that in the universe now. It’s hard to even pick one person honestly. I respect a lot of artists.FullSizeRender(43)

ATBEL:  Speak it into existence and watch what happens. So can we talk about these insane beats that you have on this project for a minute though?  Who all had did you work with because the beats on Classic, Communion and Ride With A..are sick.

AG: Finding beats was probably the toughest part of this project. Luckily I came across some on Soundcloud and the producers would actually hit me back and send me the track outs. That’s how I came across Almighty Napped (Black Sunday, Classic, Fear No Man) and Colby Abbott (Communion). Ace2euce did 4our Letter Word and I linked up with him through his sister. Davy Jones is FOE so he was a phone call away. He did Ride With A… and I think I might have had that beat for two years. Tell Her Lies was from another STL producer, Orlando Vaughn. That song was probably the most organic because he was making the beat in the studio while I was writing my verses and the hook. Then we came back and added things to it, found a guitarist, and then Jai came along and just LACED it vocally. That song went through the most revisions, but it also seems to be a favorite of people also.

ATBEL: You had a whole dope squad on this huh? That’s awesome because the collaboration of everyone’s work definitely played out perfectly on this project. Black Sunday is getting some serious spin play right now and I see everyone re posting about on Instagram all the time. How does that make you feel to see so much love feedback from your work and at such a rapid pace?


AG: It’s humbling. I can’t even say I expected as much love as I’ve gotten so far. I’m just trying to not get too high and not get too low, just enjoy the moment and stay motivated. I’ve learned to focus on the process and not the results so much.

ATBEL: Got any performances coming up that we should be looking out for?

AG: We’re working on a Black Sunday Tour right now actually. I definitely want to do a show at the crib soon and then we’re hitting the Midwest and south, head out east, and then to the west coast. Just trying to get this music and word out as much as we can. So if you’re reading this and want me in your city, hit me and let me know.

ATBEL: That’s pretty much all I have for you tonight sir. I appreciate you sitting down to chat with me and I’m so proud of you homie!! It’s only up from here for you and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for you. Keep up the awesome work.

AG: I really appreciate that! Only time will tell.

ATBEL: True but I already know you are going to do big things. Before we skidaddle out of here, let everyone know where they can find you. Twitter, Instagram, Blackplanet and all of the above lol

AG: Lol! Definitely hit the website up at My twitter and Instagram are @Arshad_Goods  and just hit me up and let me know what ya’ll think of the project. I really want to connect with people and notice I said people and not “fans”

ATBEL: Indeed I did. I like how you really like interacting with people who support your music. Anyone can have fans who just bobb their head to the beat and not really be listening to what is being spoken but being able to connect with people actually know every lyric, ad lib and can relate and appreciate what you have to say is something that is a lot more powerful and has a lot more significance.

AG: I couldn’t agree more E.

Thanks for tuning in today everyone and make sure you go out and support Arshad Goods. He’s one talented individual who is making his own lane in this music game and I know there is a lot more is in store for him in the future. I’m extremely proud of my friend and I wish him nothing but the best. I’ll have a follow up interview for you guys a little later but for now…adios!

Til Next Time Loves…


Erica Leigh

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