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Rape Exposed Within The Media: You Are Not Alone Alex & Jada…

Being as busy as I am, I rarely have time to eat breakfast yet alone sit around and just watch the news all day.  These two stories definitely touched my heart and i felt compelled to write about it. These two young women both have endured sexual abuse and both ended up with two different outcomes. I feel like sharing their stories not only will help in raise awareness regarding these issues but it also time to break the silence..

 This Is Alexandria Chery’s Story…


This is Alexandria..a young, vibrant, full of energy 16 year from Orlando Florida who was found dead in the woods not too far from her home. Her picture is what grabbed my attention because she was such a pretty girl and had the brightest smile and she seemed like she was full of so much life and fun to be around. After reading some reports on this case, it seems like that smile covered up a lot of pain as well. From the information I gathered from reports, Alexandria lived at home with her mom and stepdad Sanel Saint Simon and it was verified he has been sexually abusing Alexandria since she was 5. Alexandria told other family members that he has touched her inappropriately in the past even though her mother was aware of this, she still stayed with this man and the abuse continued. To cover up his ways and to keep quiet, he apparently bought her whatever she wanted. On 7/28/14 Alexandria’s mom got a call from her daughter saying that she was not feeling well and that she was going to stay home from school. Upon her mothers’ arrival back home, not only was her daughter and her boyfriend gone but her daughters room smelled of bleach and they also found Alexandria’s blood splattered in there as well. Many family, friends, other loved ones rallied together in hoping that their loved one would be returned safely and unfortunately it was too late..


Alexandria’s body was found on 8/1/14 and a community was torn apart. It’s bad enough that a young life was taken but it’s how he did it which was really disturbing. Her mothers’ boyfriend knew why Alexandria wasn’t feeling was because he got her pregnant and this is one thing he could not cover up. So what did he do? He left work early, borrowed his uncles car, took Alexandria, murdered her via stabbing and dumped her body in the woods. 




After her body was found, her friends and family went to social media raising awareness to what was really going on behind closed doors and it revealed how much of a monster Alexandria’s mother boyfriend really was.. 


My heart goes out to this girls family and friends who loved her so much. I can’t stress enough how important it to watch who you have around your kids because stories like Alexandria’s happen ALL the time and something has to be done to raise awareness on this matter. have been blessed with children so it is up to you to be the best mother you can and protect them at all costs. I don’t care how much in love you are in with your significant other, if your child comes to you or to any other family member saying that they have been getting abused by YOUR significant other, please do not take that lightly. These are y(our) kids who are being taken advantage of and for any mother to stay with a man due to the fact of her just wanting some male company, he pays her bills, keeps her looking fly but her child is being abused in the process is totally unacceptable. Get your OWN money, pay your OWN bills, and we all want love and affection but if it comes at the price of your child than is it really worth it? It’s not.  A REAL man (esp a God fearing man) would love, respect, cherish and raise your daughter like his own, not take advantage of her at any opportunity when he felt like it. These are our babies whose lives are being destroyed over this and you wonder why there are so many young women are lost out here with no self worth or self esteem and their actions show it. We have got to do better and stop this vicious cycle.. 

Alexandria, I didn’t know you but I feel your pain. You no longer have endure unwanted advances from your stepfather and you can rest easy knowing that you are safe now in Gods’ arms. You were such a beautiful girl who had her whole life ahead of her and I am so sorry that it was taken from you. I will do my best to raise awareness on stories like yours and hopefully save some lives in the process. No more being silent..

May you RIP my love..


Jada’s Story….


This is 16 year old Jada from Houston, Texas who also has been a victim of sexual assault. Jada’s abuse did not come from a stepfather but from fellow classmates at her high school. House parties were all the rave in high school and it was just always a good time to kick back with your friends, eat good food and just have fun. Unfortunately for Jada, this typical high school party she went too changed her life drastically forever. She tells reporters that went she arrived at this party, she was presented with a drink of fruit punch mixed with liquor from some boy that was a friend of a friend and he was also hosting this party. She believes that her drink was spiked with a certain drug because not too long after she started drinking, she lost consciousness and that is all she remembers. When she came too the next morning, she did ask her what all had happened and the girl responded with that she just threw up on herself and she cleaned her up and that was it. Well that wasn’t it.. Jada realized that there was more to the story when she received screen shots of her naked, unconscious body on the floor at this party.  She stated in an interview that “I had no control.. I gave nobody permission to take my clothes off and do this to me”.  It is bad enough she was drugged and taken advantage of but to have pictures of her naked body uploaded to social media and people reenacting the pose she was in and laughing about it using the hashtag #JadaPose is just completely degrading.

This is the picture they took of Jada..


and social media found that it was amusing..

 article-2688006-1F8DA3EA00000578-203_634x841 Unknown

I can’t even imagine what a nightmare that had to have been for her and her family. Jada could have kept quiet and grieved in silence but she did the exact opposite and I for one am so proud of her. Jada stated on countless interviews that those pictures do not represent who she really is and she wants to raise awareness for other young girls out there to be careful so that they too do not have to go through what she did.  Since Jada came out and spoke up, other young women who have been at that same boys house have also came forward with being sexually taken advantage of after digesting something there as well. I hope that all of these young women get the justice they deserve and that whoever did this will have to deal with severe consequences. 

Check out one of her interviews here —> are such a strong individual and I applaud you for speaking out. I too have been a victim of sexual assault when I was in college by someone I knew since high school and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Being taken sexually assaulted makes you feel very.. low, dirty, ashamed, angry, hurt, betrayed and all of the above. But we are not victims Ms. Jada, we are survivors and the steps you took are the first steps necessary to to start the healing process. I know I don’t know you and I don’t know if you will ever see this post but know that I am supporting you always and you have been and will remain in my prayers. Thank you for being so brave..


Well that’s all I have for this post folks. Ladies and gentleman..if you are being abused and or know someone who is/has..please speak out. It is never too late.. We can’t afford to let these situations be swept under the rug and just stay silent. All that “what happens in this house, stays in this house” stuff needs to stop! Do not be afraid.. you have every right to tell your story and whoever is doing it needs to be exposed and be taken to jail so that they can no longer commit these crimes. It took me years to speak about my experience due to being so embarrassed and ashamed and was literally destroying me on the inside. Ever since I told my family about it, cried many many many tears, and truly accepted this and have forgiven the man who did it, on top of giving my burden of this situation to God my life has been forever changed. He can turn any tragedy into a testimony if you let him because being raped does not define you.. you can and will rise above this.. and you are not alone. Never feel guilty or think that it’s your fault & always keep those heads up held high.

Tisha Campbell-Martin speaks up about what she went through as a child and gives advice as well to women who went through similar cirucmstances in this interview clip here —->



If you or someone you know needs help regarding this matter, call the National Sex Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE.

Be blessed and until next time loves…


Erica Leigh 


4 thoughts on “Rape Exposed Within The Media: You Are Not Alone Alex & Jada…

  1. Seriously SO proud of you!! It’s inspiring to see you use your story to help other women! My heart broke reading that story about both Jada and Alexandria! These children are out here hurting and we have to do something to help ease their pain! Keep fighting for them hun!!

    • thanks mike! I can’t stop it from happening but I’m trying to raise awareness of it and want others who have been thru the same thing speak out so that proper steps can be taken and healing can begin. one step at a time we will conquer this… =)

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