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Saint Louis’ Own Young Man, Old Soul Triple Threat….Introducing Brock Seals


Hey hey hey! So I’m back with another interview with  314’s very own Brock Seals for this weeks segment of ‘Noire Excellence’. This has been my dude for quite some time now and since day one I noticed how creative his mind was and any idea that pops into his noggin, he can turn it into something awesome. Not only is he talented and creative (and just cute as a button might I add), he is definitely wise beyond his years and just really good people. Both of us have busy schedules but we finally got up one day, and caught up on all things new including what he has been working on. Want to see how it went? Check out the interview below..

ATBEL: B. Seallllsssssssssss. What it doski homie? How have you been!? It’s been a minute.

BS: Whats the deal my G! I know man it has been a while..I been on it from the music and fashion and even working on my fine art so I can say that all has been well. How have you been? 

ATBEL: I’ve been blessed my dude. Just working a lot, trying to make some things shake n bake. So lets get down to business shall we? I know you, but there are probably some who don’t so give my readers out there your name, age and where you from..

BS: I am Brock Seals..who is an artist, musician, and designer. I have a baby face so you won’t believe my age and I am from Saint Louis, MO. Jennings to be exact. 

ATBEL:  Ok ok ok lol I was looking on your Instagram page and I see you out here being Diego from Dora The Explorer, traveling the world lately and whatnot lol That’s awesome! Tell me how was that..Where all did you go? Meet any dope people?

BS: You stay with the Man E..It was so insightful to say the least. But Im gonna keep it real with ya and I can honestly say it was the best move that I made in my life. I went to Italy for a couple weeks since I am in the process of learning the language and whatnot. EVERYTHINNNGGGGG IS DIFFERENT! I met so many dope people, the hospitality was crazy nice and it felt good being black and lost in Italy. No worries!


IMG_0295     IMG_0296IMG_0297

ATBEL: That’s love! Italy is definitely a place I want to visit in the future. I’m glad you got to experience that because there is nothing like traveling the world. You see everything in a different light..ya know? So Brock..for as long as you and I have been homies..I did not know you painted. And like… you’re really good at it lol. When did all this start? Did something in particular make you want to start?

BS: I agree with the traveling the world 100% Eboog..Italy is the only the beginning. Well I feel like I have always had a vision for art, but i just recently learned the tools to create. After a little time and persistence, I just started crankin’ out masterpieces..or as I like to say…that icy shit! 


IMG_0292 IMG_0300     IMG_0301


ATBEL: lol! I digs it. Are you working with anyone else when it comes to your art? This piece that you’re working on now is so dope. Tell me a little bit about it..


BS: Yea I’ve been heavy with collabo’s lately. I’ve been working on this “Making Weird Things Work Together” collection with x___x. I enjoy collaborating with other artist because I learn so much more about my own abilities and also learning a few new tricks as well.  Ya know?

ATBEL: Yup! and I’m already knowing that y’all are going to create some more one of a kind icy shit *in your voice* lol  So Seals..I also noticed you wasn’t just in the St.Louis American for your artwork…you were on the front cover. You just doing thangs like that huh? Uhkay *Dee from Waynas Bros voice* lol Tell me how all that came about..


BS: Extra Extra Read All About It!!!  lol Big shout-outs to Dannie Rae the stylebroker for reaching out to me on that interview. I actually forgot that it was being published until I walked into Schnucks one day, grabbed the St.Louis American and saw “Young Man, Old Soul” on the cover and at that point I was like yea..It’s real now. 

ATBEL: Check you out! That’s a major move that happened for you and you definitely deserve that recognition. So you have done the fashion thing with Hello Tommorow, art, and now music too right? Tell me about your latest project “Young Man Old Soul”. What can listeners kind of expect from this joint? 


BS: They can expect some next level vibes. Just imagine if you had a band with Jay Dilla on the keys, Marvin Gaye with the vocals, Jimmi Hendrix on the guitar, and me on the mic. That’s Young Man, Old Soul right there. 

ATBEL: Now it seems like everyone and they grandpappy raps here in STL and a lot of them should keep their day Do you ever worry about falling in that “Oh you rap too?” type category?

BS: Yea it has gotten out of hand with that but as far as categories go..the quicker you put me into one, the quicker I make my own. My music has substance and originality which in my opinion, a lot of people lack with their own music. So ya know..I just continue to do me and a lot people vibe with it. 

ATBEL: Who is your biggest musical influences?

BS: A lot of my musical influences are dead but their impact on my music and just music in general will be around forever. 

ATBEL: Got any shows here coming up? If so when and where? Also, if you could describe your sound on your album.. what would it be?

BS: Most def! I do shows all the time. I just did a show in Columbia, MO not too long ago and that shit was turnt! I did another one on Saturday,July 12 and I was apart of “The Unit” fashion show. It showcased fashion from the brand NDGO and it was defintely a dope experience. I’ll keep you posted on future shows later on this month tho too. 

ATBEL:  Sounds like a plan! Well that’s all I have for you but thank you homie for sitting down and talking with me in this interview. I appreciate it and I want you to know that I’m very proud of u!

BS: It’s always love Eboog, you know I got u and thank for you for reaching out. I appreciate it. 

ATBEL: Anytime! So before we go, let everyone know where you can be reached at so they too can see your dope artwork and listen to your music.

BS: My instagram is @sealsbrock, Twitter: @SealsBrock and my music link is and you can also find me on soundcloud at

And there you have it ladies and gentleman! Much love to Brock Seals for doing this interview with me.  You are going to go far in life homie so keep it humble and always count your blessings..God will open up doors for you beyond you wildest dreams my friend.. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Until next time loves….


Erica Leigh

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