Everyone Loves Prettie Pieces

What it do baby boos? When I lived in Chicago a couple years ago, I met a lot of dope people and one of those is my girl Tahira. Today I’m here with another ‘Noire Excellence’ post to spread the word that both her and her sister have started their own jewelry line called Prettie Pieces.  Check out  interview below to find out more about Tahira and all things Prettie Pieces.


ATBEL: Hello my Blackistani Doll! how are you? First off, Let me just say that I miss you and your sister oh so much. 😦 what’s new?? I got to come back and visit my girls soon!

PP: Hey honey, im good and you? Awww boo! We miss you more! Chicago misses you. You definitely have to visit soon. 

ATBEL: Girl right? Ill def come by in the summer time but I’m going to have to holla at you from a distance for now because yall winter is something terrible. It feels like the day after tomorrow like everyday #NoMa’am lol

PP: Lol!! That’s understandable

ASTBEL: Ok so let us start with this interview shall we? Go ahead and introduce yourself for those who don’t know you. What’s your name and rep your ciiiitttttyyyyy!

PP: My name is Tahira Shaikh and I’m from Chicaaaaaaago 

ATBEL: Chitown whuttup! S/o to all my family on the south side and all my homies in K-Town. love yall! lol So why did you decide to name your jewelry line Prettie Pieces?

PP: We decided on the name Prettie Pieces because we wanted something simple, but could appeal to everyone. Young girls, women, and even the little girls who have a love for jewelry as well.  It had a nice, and delicate sound to it and it just fit perfectly so we stuck with it. 

ATBEL: Have you always wanted to do something that involved jewelry? You always did have the cute and funky necklaces and earrings on and I would always ask where you got them from and more importantly..could I borrow them. lol 

PP: Lol You know I got you anytime girl but yes I’ve always loved jewelry and accessories so venturing out into my own line was always an idea that I had and I turned it into a reality. 

ATBEL: When did Prettie Pieces actually start?

PP: It’s fairly new. We just got up and running last October.


ATBEL: Who is all in the Prettie Pieces company with you?

PP: My two sisters and I. My middle sister Hajra is THE face for Prettie Pieces 


ATBEL: Heyyyyy Hajra girl! *waves*  You better be fabulous in this pic ma’am..BOOP! lol So what type of jewelry does Prettie Pieces sell?

PP: She says hey E!! & thank you =D We have pieces that are imported from Dubai and Germany, so it’s a nice range from arm candy, necklaces and big bold earrings which we love. 

ATBEL: Yes ma’am! I just LOVE bold statement pieces especially earrings and necklaces. Dubai ay? So you fancy huh? *Swizz Beats voice* lol

PP: Lol! Just a little… *smirks* 

ATBEL: I see you..I’m not even mad. lol Well as you know, I am huge fan of accessories because not only are the fun and fabulous but I they can really add just the right amount of razzle dazzle to your wardrobe. Do you have any famous or up and coming jewelry designers you admire/look up too?

PP: I couldn’t agree with you more! I love pieces from Chanel. They are such a timeless classic.

ATBEL: Oh indeed.  Does Prettie Pieces target one specific audience or can girls from all ages wear it?

PP: Absolutely! Prettie Pieces are for all the prettie girls out there. Mama’s, daughters, sisters, grandma’s, aunties, granddaughters. You get my point. Haha

ATBEL: What are your favorite pieces of jewelry to wear? 

PP: For me it all depends on the day, and how I’m feeling. Sometimes I want jewelry on every part of my body that I can get it on, but usually I love me some wrist action and a good old fashion hoop earring. It can easily take your look to the next level and a nice lil’ cocktail ring does add a lil class to your look. 

ATBEL: I definitely agree. So I know that you are Muslim and I personally think that it’s such a dope culture and has a lot of beautiful aspects to it. Do you want to or have you already started incorporating your culture when it comes to the jewelry line?

PP: Oh most definitely. My culture likes to do it big and make bold statements and they love the bling as well so we have a few pieces that meet that look. Also we have pretty long chandelier earrings, bangles that we like to give Arabic names just to keep the coordination going. 

ATBEL: Now I know you my little fashionista honey boo-boo. You are just too fabulous and you stay looking fly. Have you ever thought of branching out with clothes and stuff or do you want to strictly stick to jewelry?



PP: Aww why thanks doll! You are pretty fly yourself so shout-out to us. lol If the opportunity came I would definitely go into apparel and create some dope stuff but since Prettie Pieces is still a baby we’ll focus on the jewelry/accessories  for now. 

ATBEL: *Hair flip* lol Why thank you love! Ok that’s understandable.  So what do you see in the future for petite pieces?  

PP: In time I would love for Prettie Pieces to be a house hold name. Jewelry, handbags, pillows, mirrors, sunglasses, chandeliers, door knobs, nail polish even grills. Girl can you imagine a Prettie Piece grill in ya mouth? Now that would be some fly sh#t.. haha! Just pieces that girls love, no limitations.

ATBEL: Lol!! I love it! Turn up all the way huh? I can respect that. Girl now you know I loves me some pillows! So if you ever need an official Prettie Pieces pillow tester..I’m just like Chingy and only one call away.

PP: LMAO! Erica I promise you so silly and that is why I love you

ATBEL: Lol I’m serious tho and I loves you even more boo thang! *Ok back to the interview* So what do you think makes your line stand out or what can and will you bring to the table to shine above the rest?

PP: Like I said before.. there are no limitations for us. Prettie Pieces wants to add the prettie to any accessory a girl could ever want. What makes prettie pieces different from other jewelry lines is we want to offer something for everyone. Those who love statement pieces, the trendy jewelry, and even the cute dainty pieces. Originality is key.. you’ve gotta dare to be you!




ATBEL: Does petite pieces have a mission statement for their jewelry? If  so what is it and what does the meaning behind it stand for?

PP: Yes ma’am we do. “Every prettie girl belongs in a prettie piece”. There is something “Prettie” about us all so why not adorn our self with something to display that? Hence the whole originality concept. 

 ATBEL: I’m hip girly. Well that’s really all I have to ask you doll. Thank you for taking the time to do the interview for me. Sorry I took so so long.. a playa had school and had to get my graduation on one time for the one time lol

PP: lol It’s cool girly and i’m so proud of you!! Better late than never right?

ATBEL: That’s what I always say lol Thank you hun!! I appreciate all of the love and support through out the years. 

PP: Anytime E! 

ATBEL: Before I go..let everyone know where you and Prettie Pieces can be found so they too can get hip.

PP: Oooh anything about me? I guess you can type cindigreendown (my instagram) into Google. That’s all me! lol And for prettie pieces, of course, instagram @prettiegirl88 and twitter @prettiepieces 


ATBEL: Why you play so much? lol

PP: Girl that’s just me! You know this..mannnnnnnnn! lol

ATBEL: Truuuuuuuu. lol Good talking with you doll. We will be in touch soon. Cool beans?

PP: Cool beans! XO

Well that’s all I have for you today loves. Make sure you check out the Prettie Pieces website because I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Like this post? Make sure you comment below! 

Til next time…. Peace and Love


Erica Leigh


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