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Where Fashion and Faith Meet; Introducing Crave Clothing


We are back again with another segment of ‘Noire Excellence’ and today I want to introduce you to Jorey. He’s a South Carolina native who was created a brand that mixes style and positive affirmations into one. Here is Jorey’s story on Crave Clothing…

ATBEL: What it do baby boo? Lol How are you Jorey?

CC: Doing fine Miss lady, can’t complain. How are you?

ATBEL: I’m blessed love; Thanks a bunch for asking. You ready to do this?

CC: Yup! Lets’s do it

ATBEL: Alrighty, well first things first, introduce who you are for the ones who don’t know and give them a little 411 about yourself.

CC: . Well I don’t wanna go back to far and give a full autobiography, but my name is Jorey Jones and I’m from South Carolina. I resided in Fort Campbell, Kentucky for a few years because I was in the Army (SALUTE) but I’ve finally finished my contract and now I’m living as a civilian in Charlotte, NC. Trying to expand and enhance my clothing line there and finish my degree in Graphics Communications.

ATBEL: Well what a kawinkidink! My pops is from South Carolina, like the Myrtle Beach area and I have all family in Charlotte. I was just there last weekend.

CC: Oh Yea? That’s cool because I’m originally from Hampton, SC

ATBEL:  Small world huh? Lol So I was just 2-stepping through instagram one day and this dude was wearing your shirt and it was so dope I was like hey! I want one lol and I had to find out more about your brand and the creators behind it. So what is the meaning behind the name Crave Clothing? And what made you start it?

CC:  Aye! Which one? Lol, but Crave is an urban/casual line that targets to inspire people through creative designs and word phrases about success and ambition.

ATBEL: I forget who but it was the floral cross shirt I believe. That’s a dope concept though my dude. I dig that you spread positivity through your creativity.

CC: Well thanks E. I appreciate it.

ATBEL: Are you the only person in Crave Clothing? If not, who all works on the line with you?

CC: Crave is currently co-owned by me and a great friend who I went to Clemson University with.  He was the main person that pushed me to make this dream a reality, and now we both partake and making Crave a brand.

ATBEL: Have you always wanted your own clothing line?

CC: I’ve always had the thought of having something to showcase my creativity, but never had a true concept as to how I wanted to deliver a brand into the clothing world. What fully inspired me to pursue the Crave line was when I stayed in Seoul, Korea back in 2010/2011. I was overwhelmed and intrigued by the Korean fashion sense, and it triggered me more than anything to start brainstorming for a clothing line called Crave.

ATBEL: What inspires the pieces you design?

CC: Inspiration inspires our designs. I decided I would come out with inspirational shirts with designs, photos, and quotes consolidated within it. I also decided to show what my desires and ambitions were and that was to having a successful clothing line. We want to let intriguing quotes and phrases to be the reason you take a “double-take” at our shirts.

ATBEL: I heard that! So whose fashion sense do you admire? Angela Simmons, Solange, and @Natybaby  @NiniStyle  on instagram are some of my absolute faves.

CC: I can still say I love the Asian culture’s “urban-casual” fashion sense. I love the casual, slim fitting look because it has a simplicity and mature look to it that has me searching online for their clothing constantly. Individuals I’ve had the pleasure of seeing is @evans_room and @dressedtoill … I always get ideas from these dapper dudes.  In women, I loved watching the twins @thebeautifulsoul and @themiseduactionofbri throw their “vintage-casual look on IG like they were born with it; A women that can dress to what I call “sexual-sensual” and I’m intrigued!

ATBEL: Don’t Asian’s be super fly?! This one girl in my class has the dopest fashion game like ever. That’s what’s up tho; I’ll have to check the other people you mentioned out next time I log on to instagram.

ATBEL: I admire and respect how you always have a reference to your faith in your designs. You better rep #TeamGod! Lol What made you want to go that route?

CC:  A low-key testimony. lol but nah I just remember just a few years ago I  was about 22 with no money, out of college, and living with my parents with no type of direction. I just felt that at that time I lost focus of knowing that HE is the director of all going on within my life and I was being tested. I could remember how having God being number one in my life is the only way I could pursue life and live my purpose. Understanding that, I can now say I’m more mature as a man, considered a veteran now that I just left the military, I have my own business, and will be finishing my degree soon.  Life is journey and some halts will just make you appreciate the ride even more.

ATBEL: Don’t God be knowing? I promise he does! That’s awesome though. I was like that some years ago and was wondering why I kept running in circles. It was when I tapped into my faith whole heartedly he made everything so much clearer and I had a better understanding. All the trials and tribulations we go through will to be to showcase his glory that he has for each and every one of us in the end. Can I get an Amen my brother?

CC: Amen E lol

ATBEL: I see you served in the military. I just want to say that I appreciate the men and women like you who have served for our country. I’m a military kid myself; my pops served in the Air Force since I was little. How do you go from Army veteran to fashion designer?

CC: Why thank you. Well I guess I always wanted to have my own line and since the creativity was always embedded within my mind. No matter what I was doing at the time with the military, I just knew Crave would manifest.  I’m glad that I was in the Army though because I was able to use many tools from the military and the inspiration from my travels to Korea to help me get the base of Crave off the ground.

ATBEL: I bet Korea was like beyond amazeballs when you were there huh? I’m jealy! Lol Nah but I do want to go there in the future though. Where is Crave Clothing based out of? Is it in multiple cities or just one?

CC: Lol not amazeballs. It’s an awesome place to visit and I definitely recommend it for being a place to travel too for you in the future. Crave Clothing Line is based out of Miami currently but we are still a web store as of now.

ATBEL: Heck yea I’m visiting! I’ll be flooding your instagram timeline with photos when I go too so be prepared. Lol  So what are your future plans/goals for Crave Clothing? Do you ever want to open up your own Crave Clothing store?

CC: Lol sounds good. Well we want to make Crave Clothing more than a shirt selling company. We honestly want to inspire people to do what they truly desire to be successful at it. Although we want to expand our brand, we hope to also get involve with charity-type events to let kids and adults know that ambition will take you as far as you let it; and we wanna let Crave be an example of that.

ATBEL: You have my full support on that! I’ve always wanted to be apart of different charities nsuch so we are going to have to keep in contact. It’s all about inspiring others to do great things through your story. With that being said, what advice would to give to other people who want to start their own clothing line but just haven’t taken that next step?

CC: Indeed we should and I couldn’t agree with you more. What I highly recommend is research, research, RESEARCH!!! You may have the idea of what you want to do, but having clothing is more business than creativity. Look up other big brands and see how they started and get motivation and inspiration from them. I would also sit down and watch YouTube videos for hours on clothing companies.  Make sure you follow the laws of what it means to have a business. After that, you should be set to establish the bases of your line.

ATBEL: So let everyone know where can people find out more about crave clothing and buy some items to add to their closet.

CC: Support and shop ourline and keep crave’n at , instagram and twitter @CraveClothing and always remember.. “Be Inspired, Never Envious”. Peace


Faith, determination and inspiration is what started Crave Clothing and I know that it’s nothing but progression to bigger things from here on out for them and wish nothing but blessings for them. Check out the site, shop, and enjoy! Leave your comments on what you think about Crave Clothing below.

Until next time loves..


Erica Leigh







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