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Artistic Creativity At Its Finest…Get Familiar With ArtMobb

Hello and welcome back! So one day awhile back, I was crusin’ these Instagram streets and I saw that Jasmine Sanders (@Golden_Barbie) posted this picture of this sick drawing that was done for her by this group from Cali called ArtMobb.


I was so impressed by the awesomeness in this drawing that I had to know and find out more about ArtMobb and that’s exactly what I did. =D

ATBEL: What it do gumshoe? Lol how are you?

 AM: I’m Good and blessed. And yourself?

 ATBEL: I’m bueno. I just wanted to start off with saying thanks for taking time out your busy schedule to do this interview. 

AM: Always, thank you for reaching out to us.

 ATBEL: It’s no problem. So Let’s do this thang shall we? Let the world know who you are and where you are from/reside. 

 AM: Hey my name is Michael Farhat, Founder of Art Mobb. and we are located in Downtown LA , a few blocks away from Staple Center.

 ATBEL: So what exactly is ArtMobb? How did you come up with the name? And what made you start it? And when?

 AM: The name ArtMobb was developed in 2006.  I went to Oits College, I would always call my illustration team “The ArtMobb”. The brand started to evolve and get notoriety, when I started creating for celebrities and athletes. The goal behind my brand is to get a group of distinct artists, and create art and merchandise that can benefit a greater cause. ArtMobb is evolved with Matt Barnes’s Charity , Athletes Versus Cancer.  

 ATBEL: That’s dope! Are you the only person in ArtMobb? 

AM: I am the main Artist creating the work for the athletes/icons.  We have an amazing Designer Fawn Arthur (@Califawnia ) she has been the lead designer for True Religion and Ed Hardy , she is also known for her amazing Plexiglas work. Our Web and brand strategist Chris Hoyle, has worked for companies such as Nike, Playboy, Disney and DTLA 213 group. Last but not least Mike Gan, who is our cinema photographer ( ). We all met and teamed up organically and we all share a similar vision of giving back and providing opportunity for the under privileged.

 ATBEL: That’s really cool of yall. Giving back is to others who aren’t as blessed as you is key and for you to do that with your art is very commendable. I randomly found ArtMobb on Instagram and my dude…your drawings are epic! Have you been drawing all your life or is this something you have recently started doing?

 AM: Thanks Erica, I appreciate that. I have been drawing for about 12 years. I graduated from Otis College of Art & Design, with a major in Com Arts Illustration, Shortly after I started story boarding for a couple animated TV shows on fox.  

ATBEL: That’s what up. So what inspired you to start drawing? Does anyone else in your family draw or is it something you just started doing on your own?  

 AM: Drawing has always been my creative and communicative outlet. I was actually adopted when I was 3 years old, but my adopted parents have been very nurturing and supportive of what i do. 

 ATBEL: Really? I didn’t know that about you but s/o to supportive parents. We need more like that out here in the world.

AM: I definitely agree.

 ATBEL: Alright Mike, so give us a few fun facts about the man behind ArtMobb.  You seem like a real cool fella lol 

 AM: Haha not fella. But I’m addicted to this craft, there is not a better feeling than putting thought and vision in to a piece of work and seeing people’s reactions .I’m a Huge NBA fan, haha you can tell by my work.




 ATBEL: Lol indeed I can. So Is there a certain type of drawing style that your ArtMobb pieces are designed from? 

 AM: The style of my work isn’t influenced by any one artist because t’s a style that I developed and it is one of a kind. I have never seen any artist use and cut plexiglas the way I do.

 ATBEL: How do you choose who you will/want to draw?

 AM: Usually I paint anyone I have a connection to. I also paint people who inspire me. Before I choose someone to paint, I make sure to have either a direct connection to them or to a third party plug in.

 ATBEL:  Is ArtMobb only in LA? Or have you branched out to other cities?

 AM:  ArtMobb Started in LA and it is starting to branch out to New York, Seattle and Chicago.

 ATBEL: Damn Gina what about St.Louis? You just skipped over the show me state huh? smh

 AM: Haha naw it’s not like that. You never know, STL could be in invaded by ArtMobb in the future.  We are just going to have to see but I’ll keep you posted.

 ATBEL: Alright, that’s cool…for now. Lol So Mike, I can’t even draw bubble letters but I love art. From painting to sculptures to dance and etc. It’s all awesomeness in my book. Do you know how to do other types of art besides your plexiglas artwork? Like graffiti for example?

 AM: I have a wide verity of mediums that I use. I started off doing traditional drawing and painting but once I started doing the plexiglass stuff, the style changed to more of a pop-art look. In our gallery in LA, I created a big mural with R&B singer Chris Brown.


ATBEL: How long does it take for a picture to be completed from start to finish?

 AM: The time line for a painting depends on the size and the complexity of the composition. on average a painting  24″ x 36″ will take about 2 to 3 days.

 ATBEL: Really? That’s not too bad at all. I thought it would be longer than that. Your pieces are extremely detailed. How do you get the pictures so real looking? You use certain type of paint or sketch thingy’s? I don’t know the correct terminology lol 

 AM: Haha it’s ok but taking time on the composition and anatomy really dictates if the pieces are going to look real. My goal with my paintings is to capture a moment or an emotion in time.

  ATBEL: I see you Mr. Fancy Pants. Lol You definitely succeed when it comes to capturing every detail and expression. So if someone wanted their own ArtMobb piece, how could they go about doing so?

 AM: Right now everything is by word of mouth and social media, a lot of the NBA player tell their teammates , also celebrities and athletes are intrigued by our charity motto .

 ATBEL: Are there different prices for different pictures? 

 AM: My prices depend on the size of the plexiglass, and also the usage.  We have been screen printing all my work on t-shirts, and selling them to generate money for athlete versus cancer.

  ATBEL:  That’s really dope because cancer is a heaux and charities and other organizations need to generate all the money we can for research to stop this disease and start saving lives. I appreciate your charity work Mike, that’s very noble of you. What advice do you have for fellow up and coming artistic people like yourself if they too want do something with their artistic abilities? 

  AM: Why thanks E, I appreciate that. My advice would just be don’t get discouraged. Artists are the most under appreciated people out there but the world needs us to make visions tangible. 

  ATBEL: Do you ever have any art shows or anything in LA that people can check out your designs? I’d love to come to one whenever I visit. 

  AM: Yes, actually I’m working on a show coming up in mid September, called “GREATNESS”. I’m working on doing paintings of all the legends of sports. We are making it a charity event; we would love it if you came.

  ATBEL: That’s going to be so sick! I can’t wait to see the end result because I know it will be epic. Heck yea I’ll come! Just give me the dates ahead of time so I can request off from work. In the mean time I’ll spread the word on my end too.

  AM: Sounds like a plan; We would definitely appreciate that.

  ATBEL: Anytime my dude. So does ArtMobb sell anything else besides art?

  AM: We sell merchandise based off all art, and we also work as an illustration firm. We have a guy that creates websites, a designer a director and an illustrator. As a team we take on many industry projects.

 ATBEL: Sounds like you guys have one heck of a squad. Where can people find out more stuff about ArtMobb? 

  AM: Come to our LA location at 525 West 7th street LA 90014 or

  ATBEL: Well that about wraps it up for this interview. Thanks again for taking the time out to do this interview Mike and I wish you and ArtMobb much success in future.  You stay awesome.

 AM: It was no problem and thank you so much for reaching out.

If you ever in LA, make sure you check out Mike and the rest of the ArtMobb gang for future drawings and events they will be having. ArtMobb is a cool group of crazy talented individuals who can turn any picture or moment in time into one hell of a masterpiece that is truly one of a kind. Check out these videos when the ArtMobb team gives the finished product to these different athletes/celebrities in the link’s below. It’s crazy how talented Art Mobb is. What did you think of their custom pieces? Comment below!

Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh

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