“I Believe Every Human Being Has Genius Level Talent.”- JayZ

The Made In America festival was one of the biggest events that occurred last year that some of the top artist of every genre performing. JayZ not only headlined the concert, but he also teamed up with famous movie director Ron Howard and created a Made In America documentary that will air 10/11/2013 on Showtime. This documentary will go behind the scene’s of not only the concert itself and it’s performers, but you get a glimpse of real life for some people who are out here just trying to make it & showing how music bonds us all together.  DMC said it best when he said “This is brilliant that you can have Run DMC, and Pearl Jam..& you have pop, rock, & hip-hop all on the same stage because music succeeds where politics and religion fails”. I’m a huge JayZ fan and I can’t begin to tell you how much his words in his songs have inspired me to keep striving to become a greater Erica.

To come from Marcy House projects, where most people don’t make it past the age of 18, and end up becoming one of the top business moguls we’ve seen on top of an endless list of accomplishments.. how could you not respect this mans hustle?  I appreciate  JayZ for doing his part in helping others who are trying to reach their highest potential. It’s tough out here but through hard work, and dedication mixed with a lot of Faith, your wildest dreams are obtainable.

It’s all types of artist from different genres at this concert from Run DMC, Pearl Jam, to Rita Ora and even Tyler the Creator.  JayZ said “After tragedy, creativity is born” and Rita Ora stated that “People need something to believe in” and even though I don’t know what all will be in this film, I do know that with JayZ and Ron Howard at the forefront of it, that this documentary will be nothing short of amazing and inspirational. So make sure you tune in!

Let me know your thoughts of the documentary in the comment section below after it aires. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Until next time loves..


Erica Leigh


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