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Prepare To Be WhipSnatched!


Hello all and guess what? I’m baccckkkkk with another ‘Noire Excellence’ segment. Instagram has hipped me to a lot of dope people and one of them is Denise. She is a makeup/hair guru who can slay a sew in like no other. She can change anyone from drab to fab and will have you turning heads honey! I wanted to get to know about her and her business a little better and so that’s exactly what I did. Do you

ATBEL: Why hello lovely! Don’t you look fab today! How are you?

WS: Hi, Erica! I’m well! How are you? 

ATBEL: I’m good girl. I just ate so i’m full now so you know i’m happy as a clam. lol Shall we get started?

WS: Lets!

ATBEL: Ok so first things first, Introduce yourself to the ones who are unfamiliar to you out there. Whats your name? Where are you from? Age?

WS: I’m Denise. I grew up in East St. Louis, now residing in Belleville; and I’m 26 years old.

 ATBEL: *Raises the roof* 618 stand up! lol So when did you know when doing hair/makeup was your passion? Because girl look… I still don’t even know how to braid lol Did you start at a young age doing hair?

WS: To be honest, it was something that I just knew how to do. When I was younger, my mother was a cosmetologist. You’d assume having a hairdresser for a mother I’d always have my hair styled. Well on the contrary! As you can imagine when you do something for a living the last thing you want to do is come home and not feel at home. So naturally, I just started experimenting on my own hair in elementary. Makeup came much later! As fate would have it, I got good at it (lol)! Then the rest was history. I grew my clientele through word of mouth. 

 ATBEL: Does the doing hair gene run in the family or are you the one they all call when they want to look fancy? Lol 

WS: (Lol) I think creativity runs in my family. From painting, drawing, sculpting, singing, writing, sewing…graphic design and so on! My family is very artistic and imaginative. We love working with our hands. For me, hair and makeup isn’t a trade. It’s an art form! I can’t explain why I know how to do it, or how at such a young age I could look a picture in a magazine and recreate that exact look! Of course repetition makes perfect, but it’s a true talent. I’m blessed to have it!

ATBEL: That’s whassup! I can tell you’re really passionate about what you do and that’s dope. So let’s get to the name you have chosen for your brand for a second. Why did you choose to call yours business “Whip snatched”? Does it have a specific meaning?

WS: “WhipSnatched” is just something I came up with for Instagram! It has no back story! In the fashion and hair industry, whipped and snatched are used commonly. I merely put them together. And it works! Actually, the name of my company is Chél Studio! I have a virgin hair line! It’s special to me because it is a part of my middle name, Michéle!

 ATBEL: Michele with an accent mark ay? So you fancy? lol

WS: Lol! Bye Erica

ATBEL: Lol! Now every woman wants/should want to always look their best.  From their hair, to their nails and makeup, I personally don’t feel like there is an excuse to look a mess on a daily basis. What are your thoughts on that?

WS: I definitely agree. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe true beauty begins and ends within…the heart! Whether you prefer to look more glamorous or subtle, one’s confidence is the best accessory! With that being said, studies show that when you look good you feel good. Even pampering yourself is therapeutic. So why not take the extra step or time in the morning to do a little something extra! It could be the gateway to a terrific day!

 ATBEL: Studies show that huh? Well whataya know..I never knew that. I totally agree with what you said though. I think everyday you should put your best foot forward in whatever you do. Besides, who doesn’t like feel and look pretty?  Because girl I don’t want to go anywhere nor do much if I’m lookn tore up from the floor up..make you wanna throw up *Shanay-nay from Martin voice* lol 

WS: Girl yes! Bad hair days are the worst! 

ATBEL: Now I know not everyone might not be able to afford $200+ sew ins ,get hair from Egypt or afford to go to the shop every two weeks to get touched up. Does your company work with different financial situations? If not, do you have any hair care tips that you can offer those who are on a budget that they can do at home so that they too can look fab? This includes hair products, styling tools etc.

WS: It’s difficult to put a price on something that is truly a treat! Investing the money is worthwhile. My advice is to save up the money here and there, and make the purchase! Alternative options would include learning how to do some of the more popular techniques yourself. YouTube is very helpful for those wanting to learn. It’s definitely cost effective! Then when you have special engagements, splurge with your favorite stylist!Also, shop around! Set a budget and find a professional who fits your needs and monetary limit!

 ATBEL: Well put and great suggestion tips. I see you also sell hair too? Where can purchases be made for those who would want to buy some? What kind of hair do you sell?

WS: Yes, I launched my virgin hair line January of this year. Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically altered which ensures that is lasts longer. It can be manipulated into any desired style and can last up to a year or more with the proper maintenance. My online store is equipped to accept payments and offers tons of information about my line! Please visit my site and check out my product catalog,!

 ATBEL: Being natural is quite the trend right now. Do you work well with natural hair?

WS: Yes, I do. I have natural hair myself. I started my hair journey a few years ago. My hair has reached the middle of my back now. I credit my success to protective styling methods like sew-ins and wigs!

 ATBEL: I’m natural myself and I stopped getting perms years ago because they did more damage than good for my hair and getting heat protected styles have made a world of a difference! My hair is a lot stronger and is quite long as well. I’m trying to get my hair Aaliyah or Angela Simmons length. Talk about draping!

WS: lol I see you!

Switching subjects… Lets talk about makeup shall we? =)





ATBEL: Who has the best makeup in your opinion? Like who would your go to for some great makeup? And why?

WS: Believe it or not I do not have a favorite makeup artist! But if I were to pick any celebrities who I’m look to for makeup ideas, it would have to be Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj (lol)! I know that sounds crazy, but their makeup is flawless. I like their makeup artist(s) because he or she has a skillful way of making them look made up yet recognizable!  What I mean by that is makeup shouldn’t alter the way you look. You should still see traces of you. I believe their makeup artist(s) achieves that every time!

 ATBEL: Girl don’t Kim makeup always look the at all times? and those lashes? Yes ma’am! Ok so here’s my thing, I know the basics of makeup. Like how to apply foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow etc.. but I can’t do all that fancy stuff like how you can. Do you have any tutorial videos for those who want to learn?

WS: I think how to make an awesome smokey eye is important lol I really haven’t had the time to do many tutorials. I hope to have them in the future, but my IG has so many photos of my work. I try to mention brands and techniques, so hopefully that’s helpful!

 ATBEL: Indeed it is. A fierce smokey eye is everything! Now I know I’m not the only person who loves lipstick but only sticks to one or two shades because they don’t know how different colors will look on them. I wear red annndd that’s about it lol. How do you know what color will look best on you for your skin type? Are there certain shades that look better on certain complexions?

WS: (lol) Great question! The trick to wearing lipstick is all in the lip liner. Lip liners soften the look giving it a more wearable appeal! With the appropriate liner, any lip color can fit almost any complexion! The thing to remember with makeup is that it’s just makeup. It’s not a tattoo, so if you don’t care for something…take it off (lol). Keep that in the back of your mind. You’ll find yourself trying new shades in no time!

ATBEL: *Jots down notes* Got it! Girl now you got some fancy-fied eyebrows lol How do you actually fill in an eyebrow? I just get mine waxed and that’s about it. lol What Is the trick to having awesome looking eyebrows? Because they really do make the face. 

WS: First off, did you just say fancy-fied?

ATBEL: I did. It’s going to be added to the dictionary later this year. on the look out for it. lol

WS: lol! Ok but Thank you, and I couldn’t agree more. The brows are the focal point of the face! Always begin with an appropriate arch – one that fits your face and personality. From there, I lightly fill in my brows with a dark brown pencil. Then I tame them with an eyelash wand. Lastly, I trace the shape of my brows with a concealer to define them! That’s how I get perfect brows every time!

 ATBEL: ohhhhhhh ok. Makes sense! Do you ever want to open your own shop one day? Or be on one of those shows like what not to wear, girl talk w. Teyonna smalls etc to be like the hair/makeup correspondent on those shows?

WS: I have plans of opening a salon as well as getting into other business ventures. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and my Master’s degree in Corporate Communications! So ultimately my goal is to own several businesses. I have one down and more to go (lol)! I’m so blessed to have this talent, but my heart is in being behind the scenes…the business aspect of cosmetology!

ATBEL: I see you! You better werk! lol You have a savvy business sense about you so there is no doubt in my mind that you won’t be able to obtain those goals of yours.  

WS: Awww! Why Thanks E!

ATBEL: You bet! So where can one find you if they too want to become whipsnatched? Because honey you do that!! You do fabulous work.

WS: Thank you so much! I can be emailed at or visit my website for inquiries!

 ATBEL: Well that’s all the questions I have for you. Thank you for doing this interview love!  I really do appreciate it =)

WS: No problem and thank you for having me!

Well ladies..there you have it. If you want to get all glammed up and you are in the 618/314 area, hit Denise up because I promise you that you won’t be disappointed . I put some pics of some of her work below and you can see more of those on her instagram page @Whipsnatched.

Keep being fabulous Denise and keep making women everywhere feel glamours! Until next time loves…


Erica Leigh







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  1. Awesome! Thanks again E! It was my pleasure! I wish you even more success with your blog and future entertainment endeavors lol! You’re a natural! 🙂

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